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Thursday 15 June 2017


「Rochas Okorocha dancing」的圖片搜尋結果

- By Chika Austine
  | Biafra Writers

If anything is scaring Biafra enemies, it is our hyper sensitivity in picking up our enemies antics, and same time decommissioning it. Recent move by the Northern youths and their elders to tow on conspiracy theory to halt Biafran struggle was dead at arrival. The land crashing of their intent was a huge shock to those who afore thought that such would have staged internal insurrection among Biafrans, especially those living in the North.

The failure of that antics led to their activation of plan B. before stating clear what their plan B stands as, it is important to state here that Biafrans especially those living in Northern Nigeria should be appreciated for showing unintimidated, their stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra quest. As planned, their silent and entrusting the management of the empty threat to IPOB for management is worth appreciating.

Having seen the serial failure of their strategy A, the Arewas have mandated their proxies and proteges in Biafra land to hype conspiracy theory as a way to build up fear and tension that will put Biafrans in disarray. The chief campaigner of this project is Governor Anayo Rochas Okorocha. The Governor was quoted as warning that “Igbos are not prepare for civil war again”. The recent speech accredited to Rochas Okorocha is diversionary and indeed criminally intended.

It is diversionary because, at this moment, what is important is the quit notice given to Ndigbo by those we all know derive joy in killing of Ndigbo. Instead of Rochas Okorocha to marshal out state modalities to evacuate Biafrans in North, the Governor is talking of war. The Governor’s war narration is suspicious considering the fact that he is a well-known Arewa mole amidst us. One might not be wrong to say that there is an information at Rochas disposal on how best the Arewas are planning to massacre Biafrans that the Governor hasn’t disclosed to us. If agitation or desire for freedom amounts to war that means something is at the Governor’s planning table.

Also, the criminal intention by the Governor to make a war narration and correlation to Biafrans freedom fight is indeed a call for concern. Is Rochas Okorocha telling us that freedom fighting as in the case of Biafrans and IPOB is a war? That is the kind of “educated leaders” we have in Nigeria. Elements who believe in crudity and forceful cohesion against choice for freedom. It is in evidence that neither Mazi Nnamdi Kanu nor IPOB have ever engaged in any form of violent despite various degrees of provocations by the Hausa/Fulani controlled security agents. How does desire for freedom points towards “civil war”?

What the likes of Rochas fails to understand is that Biafrans don’t listen to men of his kind who believe that it is “evil to mention Biafra”. He obviously knows that he and his likes can’t cope with a nation that will call for accountability and transparency. He also understand how important to maintain such evil status quo (Nigeria) that he could exhibit his kleptomaniac tendencies unchecked.

Finally, it amount to shame to APC led Government to hear Rochas Okorocha who double as the Chairman of APC Governors forum to publicly admit that Biafrans failed to turn up to their business premises on 30th May 2017 due to “fear”. First of all, Biafrans were dully appealed by IPOB to honour our fallen heroes and heroines. The pre 30th May sit at home activities of IPOB were of sensitization campaign aimed at telling Biafrans the need to observe the sit at home. No one was threatened and no one ever observed that on the premise of duress or fear.

If one should be forced to reason alongside with Governor Rochas Okorocha, one would equally be forced to ask what is wrong in Nigeria security system that the citizenry have lost hope on it. In Imo state where the Governor resides, the Commissioner of Police earlier admonished people to go to their lawful business before the time. Yet Biafrans of Imo snubbed them and yet observed the sit at home. Is Rochas denying the fact that both he and the government he represent have lost legitimacy among the people? If the common man in Imo observed the sit at home exercise on security ground, what of his sacked Commissioners and SA's whom despite allotted Police escorts decided to observed the exercise? That is to tell you that people never sat at home for any security reason, rather on the premise that they want Biafra.

After lacking what to explain to his Arewa masters, Governor Rochas Okorocha is looking for a safe landing. What a shame! It is important for his like to understand that IPOB and Biafrans are peaceful people unlike those he is working for. And Biafra we are after will surely come in either way.

| Biafra Times

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  1. I believe want a judgement to follow how many people will die


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