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Thursday 15 June 2017


By Chukwuma Nwankwo
June 15, 2017

Have you heard of the architectural masterpiece that William Shakespeare wrote about in his book titled "The Merchant Of Venice"? That building and many more others were built by the Jews. That particular architectural masterpiece was later taken over by the Italian government and turned to an architectural museum.
The Jews left all of that and relocated to Israel when the persecution in Europe became unbearable for them. Today, we cannot compare the achievement of the Jews around world to what they left behind before and during the Jewish holocaust in Europe.

Freedom is more valuable than silver and gold; even if we have to lose all we have in Nigeria for Biafra to be restored, we are ready to do so. The fact is, the evil will fail to confront today will be the monster that will consume us tomorrow. If we fail work out our freedom today, our children will still grow up to face nepotism, pedophilia, Fulani herdsmen massacre, northern political arrogance, endangered values, disguised Islamization, infrastructural deficiencies and unprovoked pogroms.

It is high time Nigeria stopped confronting us with the argument of abandoned property. We are more at risk of losing our property if we remain in Nigeria than out. Our fathers lost their properties during the civil war, Chief Obafemi Awolowo seized their wealth, but today, we have more than double of it.

With these in mind, any Biafran that chooses to remain a Nigerian is free; after all, there are Biafrans who are citizens of other country. In the same light, any Nigerian that chooses to be a Biafran, is welcomed, so long as he/she is ready to live by the principles and values we uphold as a nation.

If other nationalities in this evil contraption wish to remain slaves to the Fulani despots, good luck to them; but the majority of Biafrans do not wish to continue in this unfortunate union. The Hausas have been subjected to perpetual slavery by the Fulanis, the Funlanis have taken over Ilorin, they have taken over traditional and political leadership of Plateau State, they are working and killing indiscriminately to dominate Benue State.

Our future is at stake, our identity is endangered, our values are threatened and our freedom is denied. We will rise against this impunity. Their inability to bribe and mislead Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, is their greatest nightmare now. Our unity and resolve have overwhelmed Nigeria; at this pace, brothers, our freedom is at hand.


Edited By Somuadila Ugwummadu
For IPOB Lagos Media


  1. May the Lord strengthen him. Exit is best for regardless of how prejudiced some chose to be. We can't continue to be together just for the sake of being together. Every part of this contraption understand its better we part in peace. This thing is no more working.

  2. You are right, my fellow Biafran. We cannot continue to be part of Nigeria just to be one big useless corrupt African nation called Nigeria. Biafra must go, Oduduwa must go. The Hausas can cook and eat their Nigeria.

  3. Mr.vice president you're getting it wrong, if may advice you I would want you to take the bull by the horn and then the battle will be over.What i mean is try to dialogue/meet with Nnamdi Kanu bribe him try all means to get his mind on your side and Biafra will be over.If you really want to stop Biafra according to Northern political script you're playing it is not through those Igbo elders and politicians you're hobnobbing with you're really wasting a lot of time,energy and resources.Only if you should understand the IPOB WORLDWIDE we are talking of,these people are every where in the world destroying the image of Nigeria.The country is destroyed already so which one Nigeria are you fighting to protect?

  4. While the Northern part of the island may have Cyprus property for sale that is truly cheap, because of the occupied status and political situation such investment may be unwise.
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