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Sunday 1 January 2017

BIAFRA: Two Killed Over N500 In A Bloody Clash With Hausa/Fulani and Igbo Traders In Enugu

Two Killed Over N500 In A Bloody Clash With Hausa/Fulani and Igbo Traders In Enugu
1st January 2017

ENUGU— Just when the dust raised at the New Artisan Livestock Market over the killing of an Anti-cult Policeman by some furious Fulani mob is beginning to settle, another altercation which claimed two lives during a bloody clash between an Igbo and Fulani people erupted at the New Garriki Cattle Market, Enugu, on Wednesday 28, December 2016.

The “mêlée” which happen late on Wednesday evening, culminated with the death of Ifeanyi Ifeacho, from Anambra state, whose corpse is now deposited at the Enugu state University Hospital’s morgue, Parklane and one Fulani man identified as Ali whose remains is said to be lying at UNTH, Ituku-Ozalla.

According to an eyewitness, trouble started when a Fulani man, Ali came from New Artisan Market with a cow to slaughter at the New Garriki abattoir, he proceeded to where Ifeanyi worked as an attendant to slaughter his cow, following the closure of New Artisan Market by the state government earlier this week.


The eyewitness said when Ali finished slaughtering his cow, he gave Ifeanyi N400 instead of the usual N500 fee for slaughtering a cow in the abattoir. Ifeanyi was said to have insisted that Ali must give him the remaining N100 but the Fulani man remained adamant, maintaining that he would not pay any other money.

The misunderstanding degenerated to a fight between the two and in the ensuing mêlée, Ali pulled out a dagger from his cloth and stabbed Ifeanyi severally on the chest. Ifeanyi slumped on the ground and died instantly.
Ali attempted to escape from the market but some outraged Igbo traders grabbed him and killed him in turn but another witness said it is not certain that Ali really died because there are chances of his survival as the police took him away and later told them that he died at the hospital but according to them, they suspect a foul play between them and the police as they might end up settling the matter in the absence of others as the police came back that night to plead for peace.

However, when Chukwuemeka Chimerue of BIAFRA WRITERS visited the scene of the incident, normalcy is gradually returning to the market following the deployment of Anti-riot policemen and some agents of the Nigerian army including Enugu South LG Central Neighbourhood Watch who all came to arrest the situation and restore peace and order in the market and environs, even as Ifeanyi’s blood was seen littered all over the scene of the incident.

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Speaking on the issue, Mrs. Ajia who expressed shock over the incident said, “We’ve never witnessed this kind of thing before, we’ve been here since 1997. These Fulanis came from Artisan market after killing a policeman there, so they came here and we admitted them temporary until they can find another place but they started fomenting trouble.

“At the slaughter, we have rules and regulations guarding our activities here. When the Fulani man stabbed Ifeanyi, some irate youths descended on him but he disappeared. We don’t want them here, they should go back to where they’re coming from. If not because of the presence of the security operatives who came to arrest the situation, things could have gotten out of control”.

Also, Mrs Chioma and Master Odinaka who both narrated the unpleasant ordeal, stated that they see no reason why Ali should kill Ifeanyi, adding that the man Ali killed was not even the Ifeanyi he paid N400 but the Ifeanyi(Because they share the same name), that came to stop them from fighting when trouble was brewing after the first attempt to stab Ifeanyi failed.

They also stated that the Chairman and Security head of the Cattle market is a Hausa/Fulani man who offered the sum of N20,000 to the irate youths to plead for calm but they all rejected the offer, maintaining that the Fulani people should vacate their land as the height of their wanton violence are becoming annoying and unbearable for them to condone.

They accused the security details of the market of biasedness and not working effectively for the general welfare and protection of the traders, adding that they are only after money.

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One of the traders identified as Chigozie Okeke while venting on the matter said that assuming the unfortunate incident had happened in the North, the Fulanis will not tolerate that, adding that they would raze down the shops and other landed properties belonging to Easterners. He disclosed that he was forced to come down to the East because of the Jos riot in which his shop, goods, and apartment were razed down by angry Fulani youth.

According to Okeke; “There is nothing like one Nigeria, the riot that kept me in this condition today was as a result of the riot that broke out in Jos, Plateau state some time ago.

“I was living at No. 33 Gadabiwu street in Jos, I use to sell women’s materials like George, Nigerian wax, and the rest but during the riot, they razed down my shop and my apartment. If it were to be in the North that this terrible event happened, all the investments owned by the Igbos would have been burnt down by now including their buildings.

“There is no place as safe and peaceful as Igbo land. The Igbos are the most kindhearted and peaceful of all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, they welcome strangers but I don’t know why the Northerners are so wicked hearted, they don’t look for peace. What happened here is exactly what happened at Artisan market where they killed an Anti-cult police officer and these set of people has come here to create crisis.

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“They’re heartless and Igbos are now living as slaves in Nigeria. We Igbos don’t have right in the North and also down here in our fatherland. They treat us as slaves and yet they claim we’re one Nigeria, it’s better they give us Biafra so that we go our separate ways,” he bemoaned.

Okeke also passed some of the blames to public office holders who represents the South-East in the state and national Houses of Assembly for neglecting their people, saying it is better they don’t exist.

He said: “The Nigerian government is supposed to tackle these issues. I don’t see the reason why this will be happening when we have governors and those representing us in various state Houses of Assembly, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It would be much better we don’t have these government officials because they don’t carry out their functions effectively. They’re just there occupying seats and positions, doing nothing apart from securing their personal benefits.”

However, investigations carried out revealed that on hearing the sad news of his son’s sudden demise, Ifeanyi’s mother collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Ifeanyi is the only son of his mother. A visit to their residential apartment not too far from the scene of the incident saw their home under lock and key as of the time of filing this report.
MUST READ: NIGERIA, A COUNTRY FILLED WITH VIOLENCE. Meanwhile, commenting on the matter, the Enugu state Police Command Public Relation Officer, PPRO, Ebere Amaraizu, who confirmed the incident said the command has deployed Anti-riot policemen to New Garriki market immediately to prevent the situation from escalating.

According to the Police Superintendent, “Two persons were confirmed dead during a clash between an Easterner and a Northerner over an alleged misunderstanding that arose between them in the evening at Garriki Awkunanaw Market.

“Security has been beefed up in the area by Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Douglas Agbonleni, to avoid escalation and further breakdown of law and order, just as a full-scale investigation has commenced into the incident.”

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers

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