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Tuesday 6 December 2016

BIAFRA: PARADIGM SHIFT IN AMERICAN POLITICS: Donald Trump Emerges Buhari's Worst Nightmare

BIAFRA: PARADIGM SHIFT IN AMERICAN POLITICS:  Donald Trump Emerges Buhari's Worst Nightmare 

DONALD TRUMP [US President elect]

7th December 2016

The new global events are really throwing many political analysts into a bizarre mode. Those who are liberal in their approach acknowledge the present dynamism in the international paradigm to be an “act of God”. 

Those conservatives who are humiliated by the present realities, find it difficult to live and think out of the box and are really wondering and in panic as the present global events are upturning their permutations. Among those that the present “change” has affected drastically are those criminal elements in Aso Rock who claim they are in possession of Nigeria power of attorney issued to them by the British. 

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Recent events are indeed constituting headache and other ailments to those who claim their fathers own the contraption called Nigeria. One thing certain about the present event is that all things are happening obviously and clearly that even the blind could see. All pre-US election analytical results pointed towards the remaining and maintaining of status quo but in the end, the “act of God” prevailed. 

Donald Trump's call to Taiwan Leader is a clear message to the overseer of suppressions and oppressions that a “new world order” is invoked which will twist many evil hands off many shoulders. What does Trump’s call to Taiwan leader mean to Nigeria? Though the call was made across the pacific and not across the Atlantic, one thing is quite obvious about this call...her days of subjugation and marginalization of Biafrans are numbered

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China has a veto power in the UN Security Council and the Chinese foreign policy towards the US has been as “mutual” as possible. When it comes to Sino-America relationship, the duo always threads with caution as they both mean strategic friend and foe to each other. The US needs a friendly China to safeguard her proxies in South East Asia, she also needs Sino cooperation to maintain the streaming of Dollar in Global trade and the stabilization of US economy as Chinese unilateral Yuan devaluation could undermine US labor and private capital investment. 

These are some of the points on US policy makers table that led them to approach Chinese interest in Taiwan with decorum. Even the Obama’s “Asian Pivot” sank in the Pacific Ocean due to some of these points. But the coming of Donald trump is quickly and harshly changing this status quo, it can be said that Trump’s led US government foreign policy is going to be pro-freedom. 

That is to say that those whose freedoms are trapped down like Biafrans are going to be supported under Trump to regain their freedom. These might not mean well to the conservatives, but it will be important if the few oppressors like Buhari to understand that the majority want freedom.


Analyzing US-Nigeria relationship under Donald Trump, one need not bore and bug down his/her brain calculating what might happen to Nigeria under Trump. Nigeria is not as important to the US as China, yet Trump has made a signal of challenging the status quo China. 

Earlier before now, Nigeria under Buhari’s regime had supported Clinton against Trump. Their Boko Haram has made a threat against Trump and more worst is their heartless clampdown on Biafrans freedom which Donald does not want to hear or see as he is a pro-freedom. If Trump is disposed to deliver Taiwanese despite the gigantic China, how much more Biafrans from thin and confused Nigeria State? 

So what will the US cease to earn if Nigeria ceases to exist? Of course nothing. Instead, they stand to gain a new flourishing Christian state of Biafra that will be a friend of Israel and US. Biafra will be a pro-US nation like Japan and South Korea which will bring African renaissance that will cut down US budget on military and economic responsibility and expenditure in Africa. 


Just like an astounding Israel in the midst of poor and backward Middle East, so will Biafra be in the African Sub-Sahara region. Supporting Biafra freedom is like the US replicating her wise steps in the last century by supporting the state of Israel, South Korea etc. What Trump needs now is to hasten the restoration of Biafran state so as to kill the anti-US seed growing in Sub-Sahara West African region through the spread of Islam.

Biafran state will curtail and trim such Islamic expansionist agenda as the state of Israel did in the Middle East. We do know that Buhari will certainly receive a call from Donald Trump as other world bodies and regional blocs are calling him. The Aso Rock knows that Nigeria days are numbered and has retired to invoking military approaches in “crushing" Biafrans, but nevertheless, “we must continue”

Written By Okoro Austine
Edited By IkeChukwo Nwaorisa
For Biafra Writers

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