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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Does Israel Have A Biafra Strategy?

Wednesday 7 December, 2016

In 1914 the British took three distinct areas, Lagos Colony, Hausa, and Biafra and forced them together. This action was congruent with a similar policy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and India. The British had a particular paternal view of their colonies and because they decried the seemingly evil policies of France, Germany, and Belgium, they promoted their policies as civilized and caring.

Nothing is further from the truth. Most of the countries listed above are still suffering from the conflict oriented policy of the British Empire in the early 20th century. This policy thrived on forcing rivals to share space and backing non-indigenous peoples as rulers or agitators in that space.

The Igbo in Nigeria make up the third largest tribe, but in Biafra they are well in the majority. The fact that Nigeria as a British backed government has forced the Igbo to suffer at the hands of their worst enemies is only due to British interests. Before 1914 the Hausa never had access to the cost. The British backed them by forcing Biafra into Nigeria, thus paving the way to suppressing what they saw as the biggest threat to British control, Biafran independence.


A similar set of circumstances occurred in Israel. As the early Jewish residents busied themselves with building their Land and preparing to bring more and more Jewish exiles back home, the British decided to offset the rapid Jewish growth with new Arab workers and immigrants. To be fair this policy began with the Turks who allowed and encouraged Arab migration from other areas in the Ottoman Empire to the Land of Israel in order to offset the success of the early Zionists. Arabs often point out that they had lived in the Land of Israel for centuries, but they use statistics from 1912, because that was the year they finally became significant enough as a population throughout the Land. The British continued this policy, going as far as banning Jewish immigration altogether.

As mentioned above, a similar policy was implemented in Iraq, Afghanistan, and India. The British kept their rule in a all of these places by stirring discontent and thwarting independence movements through bribery and conflating the local leadership and colonial government.

Israel Needs a Clear Biafra Strategy

To truly be free and rectify the sins of European colonialism, Biafra must be allowed its independence. Israel needs to harness its resources and influence to force this outcome. They can do this by using the South-Sudan model or by encouraging its new found East Africa partners to push for Biafran independence.

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If Israel fails at setting a clear strategy in a flailing Nigeria, it risks losing a potential ally as well as a bulwark against expanding Islamic influence. Bibi has been adept at sensing and grabbing onto the shifting currents in the Middle East and Africa. Biafra is key to his current strategy of building trusted and reliable allies in the former European colonies in Africa. It would be wise for him to formerly push for a stable and free Biafra.

Source: Israelrising

1 comment

  1. Unbelievable! From one diversity of people to the other around the global world who are indigenous people of their respective land, from Biafra West Africa, to South Africa, to Israel, to India etc, the story is the same! How satanic, demonic evil bad blood is the British. How British colonization is very poisonous and harmful, to the indigenous people of the land and how advantageously glorious to the non indigenous people. How can the British really go to places that they don't own in a mindset of wicked intention to take from what rightly belong to the indigenous people of the land to benefit the non indigenous people; and for Britain own's benefit, the British will make the non indigenous people to be ruler and controller over the property of the indigenous people of the land? What a cold calculated dubious evil platform plot of the British to establish a partner in crime relationship dealings with the non indigenous people for the sole purpose of absolute destruction of the indigenous people just to take away that which belongs to the indigenous people of the land. How does the Queen of England really live with herself knowing fully well the evil committed by the British against indigenous people over their God given resources that is neither for the British nor the non indigenous people? It is hard to comprehend or imagine that the Queen of England who viewed herself a christian would really subject herself as to work in agreement with the Muslim Islam jihadist and aided Yakubu Gowon to carry out the genocidal killings of over three million Christian Biafran men, women and children with the use of food blockade as war weapon and the daily bombings? All because of making indigenous people of the land to become victim of the non indigenous people for the sole purpose of having non indigenous people to take control and be master over the resources of the indigenous people of the land? It is time Britain should take the responsibility and realize that the ugly stone that Fredrick Lugard and his prostitute girl friend Flora Shaw and their British master brought in their possessions to Biafra land and threw up in Biafra air in 1914 has now come down. It is all over for the fake fraudulent expired Nigeria. Biafra is leaving to her sovereign free independent Biafra Nation. All hail Biafra!!!


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