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Sunday 27 November 2016

Biafra: The Unholy Alliance Of Britain, U.S (Under Obama Administration) & Arab Nations Against IPOB And The Restoration Of Biafra: A Story That Must Be Told

27 November, 2016

History is in the making, and I quite agree with Theresa May that “there is change in the air.’’ Whatever is her source of information that led to her assertion, I am carefree to know, but I strongly agree with her that indeed “there is a change in the air”. Any one at her political level as a British Prime Minister, privy to information as regards the unholy alliance against Biafrans and the sudden change of event that followed the conspiracy, will reverberate as she did.

She was briefed as protocol demands of the alliance that exist between Saudi Arabia, United States under Barrack Obama, Britain and Nigeria against the Biafran people. Such humanly well-coordinated plot was to be acted at the supervision of the United Nations and well known media giants with tactics of downgrading the number of human lives lost. While Obama was to kick start it, Hillary Clinton was to bring the plot (which is the extermination of Biafrans) and regenerate a crop of remnants which were to be nurtured in the Islamic faith.


Already, the foot soldiers from nearby Arab states were positioned strategically under the false flag of ‘herdsmanship.’ Others conscripted in the Nigerian Army were briefed on the mission and warned not to deviate from the status quo. Buhari’s government, being the host institution, had already lied to the rest of the world that the herdsmen are aliens, just to plead ‘not guilty’ to these atrocities. The major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; main stream media houses like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, New York Times and local media outlets were all lobbied to shutdown Biafra news. The conspiracy and its strategies were primarily to exterminate Biafrans.


They all proposed and Chukwuokike Abiama(The Almighty God) disposed! Sure… they do not know God nor His ways; hence, they never imagined that the Mighty Hand of God is able to deliver Biafra from all their machinations. The table has turned around; the first has become the last and the last has become the first. They have fallen into their own pits. As it is written; “because Syria (Britain), Ephraim (Nigeria), and the Son of Remaliah (United States), have taken evil counsel against thee (Biafra) saying, let us go up against Judah (Biafra), and vex it, and let us make a breach (the oil and other resources) therein for us, and set a king (Ohanaeze) in the midst of it, even the son of Tabeal(Rochas Okorocha): thus saith the Lord God, it shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass. For the head of Syria is Damascus, and the head of Damascus is Rezin; and within threescore and five years shall Ephraim(Nigeria) be broken, that it be not a people...if ye will not believe, surely, ye shall not be established” (Isaiah 7:5-9).

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Indeed their conspiracies never saw the light of the day, despite the resources they have put into it. To Britain, God rewarded her with ‘Brexit’ which forced out the Satanic agent (David Cameron) out of 10 Downing Street. Since then, Britain has not risen again -she is struggling with multifaceted issues ranging from what will be her fate after legally pulling out from EU, the Scottish question and the seriously declining British economy. Britain is internally engaged with too many issues, so much that what is happening outside the Island seemed not much attractive to her. Courtesy of Chukwu Okike Abiama!
To the United States, God decided to punish the individual and spare the entire nation as majority of Americans are not aware of where Barrack Obama has committed their country. Unlike Britain, United States had and is still having men and women who believe in morality and righteousness. “The scripture can never be broken’, God once told Abraham that if He (God) ‘’could see just a single soul with a right heart, He will spare the nation.’’ Despite Obama’s wicked and ungodly rule, US still have men and women of good will, and for that reason, God humiliated Obama as an individual as against the collective punishment of the Britons.


Today, Obama is struggling with his image -the woman he projected and funded was humiliated out of her ambition to Oval office. As Billy Graham’s son stated it, what happened in America’s Presidential election was “an act of God”. Obama was indeed humiliated by his maker and more humiliation is coming until he recognizes and humbles himself like Nebuchadnezzar, that there is God who made and owns the heavens and the earth.

What of Saudi Arabia? Of course the kingdom is sucked in Yemen and the fall in global oil price has trimmed her arrogance. It is widely reported that there is austerity measures in the kingdom and her real headache is how she is going to manage her returning foot soldiers (ISIS). Trump, Putin and Netanyahu are already in the move to send them back to the kingdom with their hard and soft bludgeons. She is no longer keen on the Biafra extermination project, rather the holocaust that is at her door step! The offender is now the defender. What a Mighty God we serve!

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Then to the protégé and proxy called Nigeria, whose glory is already emitted and made lifeless, what will be her fate? Well, the prophecy above promised that “within threescore and five years shall Ephraim (Nigeria) be broken, that it be not a people”. Already she is 95% close to the fulfilment of this prophecy. Her economy is gone, Naira is now a tissue paper, Military officers have become soft targets to Boko Haram, the budget was padded and later, missing along with the mystic Chibok ladies.

Today, Nigeria is in a big mess. It is a shame on the African continent to regard Nigeria as her giant. What else is left of the contraption other than total collapse? Her soldiers are unpatriotic to her as her enemies. These are the consequences of conspiring against the elect of God, Biafrans. It will be important that Nigeria releases Nnamdi Kanu quickly and free Biafrans before it will be too late for the occupants.

To Biafrans, Chukwu Okike Abiama (The Almighty God) warns us in the prophecy that “if ye will not believe, surely, ye shall not be established”. We must believe in the restoration of Biafra state, believe in the prophet of our time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and believe in Chukwu Okike Abiama (The Almighty God) so that his kingdom will be established upon the face of the earth.

Long Live Nnamdi Kanu!
Long Live Biafra!

Written By Austine Okoro
Edited By Chinedu Ewulu
Published By Nwosu C S
For Biafra Writers.


  1. Once again, you have not failed in your duty to educate. God is truly great. He is the rock of Biafrans. To your prayers, I say ISE ISE and ISE.

  2. If this picture is true, shame on so-called civilized world leaders to have a dictator and tyrant in their midst. What an evil and wicked world!

  3. If GOD be for us, who can be against us? No one dares ISRAEL and goes Scot free.


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