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Saturday 26 November 2016

Biafra: Buhari Hatches Plan To Further Annihilate Biafrans Following Amnesty Report: Bidding For Weapons With Support From Arab Nations

26 November,2016

My heart refuse to be consoled and my eyes unwilling  to stop shedding uncontrollable tears after watching the clear account of one of us who narrated his “valley of shadow of death” experience in the hands of the Boko Haram infiltrated and conscripted Nigerian army, in a video released by Amnesty International.

While speaking to AI, the young man whose only crime is answering a Biafran and a Christian was still suffering severely from the post-Nkpor Massacre effect of the “acid” poured on him by the terrorist outfit called the Nigerian army. He was scratching his body and I could feel his trauma; my heart bled watching his two hands which have already been chopped-off by the chemicals used on him by the conscripted terrorist known as the Nigerian army.


This young man represents more than 30% of Biafrans whose lives were ruined and destroyed by the Nigerian security apparatus with their collaborators in Biafra land.

What Amnesty International just released is less than 30% of the horrendous clips and pictorial evidences of the deep damage the barbaric security apparatus of the contraption called Nigeria has caused Biafrans.

IPOB's Intelligent sources are fully aware of efforts by the Nigerian Government to purchase some chemical weapons from some Arab nations to be used on Biafrans. The bid we gathered is at the conclusion stage. Effort must be made by world leaders to stop any country from arming the blood letting Nigerian army through Buhari.

The world should understand how disposed the terrorist military outfit a.k.a Nigerian Army is towards the annihilation of Biafrans. Their arrogant response and rantings towards AI report sends a clear message to the world that the Army is really ready to kill more Biafrans. To them, anyone can say anything while they do anything they feel like doing.

The zeal to procure these unconventional weapons through the back door is a big concern for Biafrans and as such the world must address the issue with utmost tenacity, as Nigeria is known to have violated series of human rights as recently reported by Amnesty International and the U.S government, which saw them blocking the sale of Aircraft to Nigeria by Brazil.

The world will be shocked as events are unfolding and IPOB furnishes those who care to know with the horror scenes and sins of the terrorist Army against the Biafran people. What is yet to come will force those who directly or indirectly armed these savages/ animals in human skin to hide their heads in shame as posterity will certainly judge them for selling arms and supporting these callous and ferocious heartless beings.

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For these atrocities against Biafrans to have taken a deep success in Biafraland, we must not forget the role played by some Nigerian politicians of Biafran extraction. While we abhor the actions and pain inflicted on our people by the terrorist camouflaging as army, we will equally never forget the complicity of the Igbo socio-cultural group, otherwise known as the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, the South-East and South-South governors for their supervision of these carnages against the Biafran people.

Biafrans know the vicious cycle of the collaboration of these in-house bastards who like Balaam, have chosen to mortgage their future and that of their kids for mere material, political and financial gains.

Those of you who feigned deaf and dumb while the Boko Harams in military uniform were killing your people must be rest assured that IPOB will cleanse Biafraland of evil doers when Biafra is restored.

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For those of you like Okezie Ikpeazu, Rochas Okorocha and the popular Willie Obiano who at the behest of Buhari sanctioned the killing at Nkpor and cunningly proposed to foot the hospital bills of those wounded, we say be prepared to reap the whirlwind you have sown to the winds. Biafrans are not naiïve of the various roles each of you played in this genocide that the Amnesty International frowned at and the ones committed in past years.

IPOB does not forgive the killers of her people. when the time comes, the same fate that befell our fallen heroes will befall all of you and your entire family. History will remember you as those who killed their people and were faced with the wrath of same people. That is the way you want to be read and remembered and we must oblige you.

Biafrans quite understand and have in their cradle the obvious supplies some of you gave the enemy and are still giving. But woe to some of you because the Biafra restoration course under Nnamdi Kanu is already a victory won; and to you all saboteurs, you must understand that “fair is foul, and foul is fair”, when the time of reward comes.


If the Biafran government and the international community fails to hold all of you accountable, posterity and the blood of Biafrans wasted as a result of your collaborations and conspiracies will certainly lay hold of you and your generation.

At this moment, the world ought to rise up and support Biafra's independence from Nigeria's oppressive state before the army lays hold to chemical weapons which they are willing to use without hesitation on Biafrans.

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It is time world leaders prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to down tool on such a dangerous pact and let Biafrans be, as nothing under the sun can stop the inevitable restoration of the Biafran nation. We do not want a repeat of the civil war, self determination through enactment of the U.N charter on rights of the Indigenous People is what we seek and must get.

The Army that kills with AKA47 and uses chemicals to decompose dead bodies of Biafrans will go a long way to annihilate Biafrans if given the Sarin, as dictator Muhamadu Buhari is busy shopping for it through his Arab brothers. It is important that the world rise up and condemn Buhari's evil plan, as the deal is at a seal off point.

Long Live Biafra!!!

By Austine Okoro
Edited And By Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers


  1. Mr Okoro thank you for great article of Nov 26th 2016. I thanK you for risking your life and life of your love one's to bring the truth of the World to know what is happening to
    Ndi Igbo in 2016 when the world is supposed to fully librated free of slavery and repression. It is our struggle to fight we should continue our campaign against evil puppets and their Colonial masters because it's working very well world wide. God bless all of us this bright lights at the end of the tunnel. All hail Biafra!!!


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