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Friday 10 June 2016


The recent unholy visit of Willie Obiano to Nkpor Community Town Hall where he promised to pay the hospital bills of the wounded Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) during the May 30th massacre of Biafrans honouring their fallen heroes at Nkpor, has been viewed with rage  and indigination as an insult of the highest order by Biafrans all over the world. This drunkard of Edom, who never for once had control over his drinking appetite, had the audacity after the mass murder he committed against Biafra, to go to Nkpor Community and promise to offset the hospital bill of the wounded Biafrans.

In his address to Nkpor Community, Willie Obiano said, “I came to sympathize with you for what happened. Before I came in as the Governor, people did not sleep but now we sleep, don’t allow strangers to disturb Nkpor, nothing happens under my watch”.

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It is very absurd that a man who is said to be number one security of a state made such statement, and yet turned back to tell the world that he will pay the hospital bills of the same wounded strangers? Obiano is certainly out of his normal senses, and there is every reason why he should, a habitual drunkard! For him to promise to pay hospital bills of the same people he killed and wounded, is a clear indication that his conscience is condemning him. He is certainly guilty and must not go unpunished. His statement has implicated him the more in addition to the secret visit the Nigeria brutal Army commander, Brutai paid him at Awka recently.

Obiano has automatically destroyed not only his political ambition but as well his reputation on the surface of the earth, as the families of the innocent people he murdered, rendered childless, and tagged "strangers" will never forgive him. Obiano's murderous actions will not go down well with him in history, no matter what he tries to cover it.


His recent promise to offset the hospital bills of the wounded Biafrans is simply a ploy to cover his atrocities. We use this medium to call on the Human rights Watch, Amnesty International, United Nations, International Criminal Court, and other Organisations that love truth and eschew evil, to take note of Willie Obiano's atrocities in Anambra State on May 30th, 2016, and his recent return to Nkpor Community to cover the crimes he committed, and take adequate legal measures against him to bring him to book for justice which he trampled under his feet to reign supreme.

Obiano must not be allowed to continue in his political career. He is a murderer and has been doing that for rituals ever before now. His evil works are now exposed and he must be brought to book immediately. Let Biafrans rise up against Willie Obiano. If he can off-set hospital bills of the wounded Biafrans, can he also bring back those he and the blood-sucking Nigeria Army killed to life? What is the need of him paying for the hospital bill of the people who narrowly escaped his bullets?


Willie Obiano is indirectly mocking and insulting Biafrans and has no atom of remorse on what he did. He should be brought to justice accordingly to serve as a deterrent to others who may tow his evil path in future. Let Willie Obiano and his cohorts know it clearly that killing will not stop nor deter us from achieving the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra. It is our life, our hope, our future. It is everything to us.

There is no going back and your killing of Biafrans has watered the ground more for the evil contraption called Nigeria to disappear from the world map. Willie Obiano's murderous action has fast-forwarded this to fruition and nothing will stop it. Just as he can not bring those he killed back to life, so shall the evil country he is an evil governor to, shall disintegrate and disappear because many innocent souls they murdered are vehemently crying for vengeance just as the blood of the Biblical Abel did.

Obiano has a hand in the death and disappearance of many Biafrans and must not be allowed to go scot free! Yes, he must not!!

Written By Heritage Ezza
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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