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Friday 3 June 2016


A day after the Anambra massacre of unarmed Indigenous People Of Biafra who were remembering their fallen heroes on 30th May, 2016 by the Nigerian Army, some "Igbo Leaders" went to Abuja to shine their teeth with Buhari, the Nigerian President who is the brain behind the killings of our youths. Even if this politicians are eager to meet President Mohammadu Buhari, must it be a day after he murdered your youths in cold blood?

This set of people are innocent, the only crime they committed was to bear the name BIAFRA and I ask, is this a crime? Gathering to remember our fallen heroes who died defending their lives 50yrs ago, is it a crime? Even at this point when our youths are being slaughtered like chicken, yet our Igbo elders and politicians are visiting Aso Rock as if eternal life is stored there. Day after day, our politicians continue to romance Buhari.


Do you think any good can come out from that fool? Your land is being polluted everyday and your children are being marginalised and yet you still have the mind to visit this pedophile, you guys must be insane. Then that means that our elders gave this animals the gut to kill our people. It will never be a wrong decision if someone concludes that this hungry politicians went to Abuja to congratulate Buhari for killing our youths.

The world should note that this young people were not armed, they were not destroying anything yet they were killed for expressing themselves. This same event was held around the world, from Europe to Asia just round the whole world but we are yet to receive report of violence or unlawful killing of IPOB members if not from this Zoological republic called Nigeria.

The call by Ohanaeze Ndigbo for the federal government to set a panel of inquiry to look into the killing is very laughable as some one can be the judge of the same crime he committed. If at all this good for nothing elders are serious, they're charged to take drastic measures to make sure that the offenders of this barbaric act are brought to justice. Let this not be another avenue for some brown envelop to exchange hands. I have Strong belief that this generation will not relent until Biafra is restored.

Written By Jephta Onyedikachi
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers




    We heard how, immediately after 50 Ibos were killed in Onitsha, the Nigerian governor of the state, Willy Obiano, asked his publicity secretary to say that the killings were justified. We have also heard how a Yoruba governor ( whom the Ibos would call cowards) stood up to condemn the barbaric acts of these Hausa-Fulani army that is fighting for survival - knowing that without the Ibos and their brothers, they would all be languishing in their wretched country. Now, is it not shameful that we can have such a bastard as Willy Obiano calling himself an Ibo man? But then, he is not the only one; hence I want us to look at his profile and those of a few others on whom we need to do DNA tests to confirm if their mothers have not been promiscuous.

    Here is a man anambrarians made their governor with expectations that he would save them, but has rather consistently shown that he is without livers. He does not even know that Buhari cannot sack him. This man hears such orders as "I can't tolerate Biafra ... the police and army must role out their tanks and kill them” from Buhari, and simply says "Yes Sir!!!". But the same Buhari is being haunted all over the world by Fayose, a Yoruba man. Surely then Willy Obiano must be the son of a Yoruba man - as the Ibos like to see them as cowards. His mother has a whole lot of explaining to do. I believe he was born out of a stray bullet from the riffle in-between the legs of a Yoruba man into his mother.

    This Okija cultist is a cheap, dirty slut, a money monger who will stop at nothing to get fame. I believe his mother must be dead by now, because he must have used her for rituals that got him this far. When someone by his surname died last year, many celebrated it in error thinking that he (Chris Ngige) was dead already. This should show anyone how quickly his own people would like to see this idiot in the grave. The bible book of proverbs says that " when a righteous prospers, the city rejoices, when the wicked perish there are shouts of joy". Isn't this exactly true about how quickly people want to see a calamitous end to this product of promiscuity?

    His case is simple. It has been said by IPOB that his mother left his father for an Hausa man, only to return later after having him out of wedlock. The birth of this man remains contentious till tomorrow. His source of wealth is unknown too; but his awarawara business is the only meaningful thing that anyone can remember him doing. Arch Bishop Obinna had to ask him to swear that he was not a member of the Ogboni fraternity when he was voted in as governor of Imo State. His works in Owerri are typical of the Ogboni man's ways. They are all uncompleted because the day he completes them, that day he dies. So here we have another cultist - dirty and shameless. He has done all to get his Hausa brothers on his side, but to no avail. Yet he believes they will one day give him a look in. However, I say to him "Your Hausa blood cannot save you".

    Naturally, the Ibo race does not really have respect for bastards. Most of the time, the gods abort them before they are born. But unfortunately these ones have been born already and even become problems and stumbling blocks. Since we are known to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones why are we leaving these bastards more time in this world.


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