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Saturday 11 June 2016


When the Nigerian government vowed to have zero tolerance and deal severely with Biafran agitators, they had seemed very certain that their threats will quench the chant of 'Biafra or Death' but they were mistaken. Our voices rose to the sky.

The scoffers among them mocked us. They named us jobless, wailing wailers, scumbags, social media noisemakers, etc. Yet, Biafran voices echoed loudly and veered off her borders to other lands. Many Biafran voices in diaspora re-echoed and roared down the channels of life and death.

This same Pharaohic regime has abducted our leader, Director Nnamdi Kanu and has put him in Jail for months now without trail nor bail, but yet we Biafrans have not failed to sojourn on in the quest for that which Kanu was jailed. The sun has refused to set and keeps rising from Biafra. As the sun must shine at day and moon by night, so Biafra must take her cause.

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They displayed their helplessness and frustration by pelleting down innocent, unarmed peaceful protesters with bullets. Praying harmless Biafrans were not spared, they pointed and killed human beings like cat fish. Their blood sucking skills were and are still flown as flag for the whole world to see, yet the international community pretend not to see or hear the cry of those oppressed and suppressed. They feign ignorance of the on going genocide because of their various political gains and interests. Alas, they fail to realize that negotiations with the landlord tends to be more profitable for business.

Biafran warriors have risen to avenge and the world have stood still. The tempo of the rhymes have changed and increased to a crescendo, but at its descent, the vampires will be crushed utterly. The Nigerian wall will collapse as Jericho walls did with a shout.

Unstoppable Biafran song will keep playing because this is her time. Killing us is as a propeller to a better future. We are not afraid to declare her song, far and near for all to hear. The Biafran rhythm plays non stop. Just like music, she is the therapy for our souls and survival. Her melody harmonizes our movement and no metallic weapons can damage her effect on us.


The Nigerian government has refused to learn their lesson. They refuse to note that the more they kill us, the stronger our bonds and boundaries become. They heal our confusion with analgesic pulls of their triggers as they carefully planned divide and rule syndrome. The old eastern region, the core Biafrans are returning back to base. They are going back to their roots like the Israelites of old.

Yes, their gunpowder causing us severe pains, sorrows have become the balm acting as charm, drawing us together from all angles they had deliberately and politically divided us. Many are questioning the meaningless names they are tagged with. So I ask, what is the meaning of South South, South East, etc? A person's name defines and describes him.

Many people have woken from slumber. Others have risen to the occasion and the call for FREEDOM echo through out Nigerian walls. If only they had known, they would have left us alone but now the blood of the dead is after their consciences, they run helter skelter looking for solutions to hold their grasp on our wealth resources they have murdered and are still murdering us for.


Buhari, the sound of the rhythm has changed. The anger of the dead reflecting is on the living and we have declared a resolution;

Give us freedom!
Give us back our leader!
Give us back our lands!
Return all that you stole from us!
Return our oil wells and blocs!
Stay away from our resources!
Stay away from Biafrans!
Stay away from our land!

The slain cry out from various holes housing their corpses, they are saying "we will not rest in peace until our Biafra has come."

We therefore resolve to fight on, with whatever we have. The wells are been blown apart and the pipes blown to shreds. Will the Nigerian government ever learn? I doubt it! They could not stop Biafra agitation despite the illegal incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu and the unabated killing of Biafrans, yet the handwriting on the wall is too blurry for Buhari to read.

My only wish is that, they will be able to read the handwriting by every means possible before the missiles interpret it to them. The world must note that the only remedy to dampening the irredeemable state of an expired contraption like Nigeria is to revert to its pre-existing structure.

Written By Victoria O.C Agangan
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. Let the world know that without biafars as a nation no peace for the whole you people should do something befor it will be too late.we are been killed everyday by Nigeria zoo arm forces.we are angry we are angry about to explode. And it will affect all the continent.


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