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Wednesday 8 June 2016


After the horrible pogrom that took place at Eke Nkpor in Onitsha, Biafra land on 30th of May, 2016, when Nigeria (Bokoharam) armed Forces maimed and annihilated peaceful Biafrans (IPOB) who were honouring their Heroes and Heroines peacefully, it was reported and confirmed that about 120 IPOB were dead and 87 were missing whilst 50 were seriously injured 10 are facing life-threatening injuries and right now in various hospitals and homes.

I Prisca Chiamaka Abel visited some hospitals where about 30 of our members lie critically injured and in pain as a result of the brutality meted on them on 30th May, 2016,  by the Nigerian combined Forces of army and police who laid ambush at their praying ground and shot sporadically at them without having a rethink of killing Innocent unarmed young youths.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I interviewed them on their sick beds.


Interviewer: Good morning Brother. Please can you tell us your name, why and how you found yourself in this painful situation?

1st Victim

My Name is Chibuzo Tagbo. I am 20 years, I'm single and from Anambra. It was on 30th of May when I was heading to the venue where we were to Honour our fallen Heroes who died during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war that we saw the army, but we never knew they had plan to kill us again since it was our heroes day. While we were peacefully singing and praying, all of a sudden we saw more of the military men with their armoured car and ammunitions, before we knew what was happening, they started shooting at us sporadically. And that was where I got this injury on my arms and afterwards found myself in this Hospital, and ever since I've been in pain.

Interviewer: Were you with any kind of weapon or sharp object that provoked them to shoot at you people?

1st victim: Not at all, how can we have weapons while we came to honour the dead?

Interviewer: Can you tell us your resolution as soon as you recover, I mean are you going to quit from agitating for your Freedom (Biafra)?

1st victim: I will never go back, I still believe in Biafra or death, my leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that we have to be prepared for what is to come. They will kill us, molest us and jail us but at the end Biafra will come. So I am not going back until they give us Biafra or I die.

2nd Victim

My name is Nnarie Eden Friday. I am 28 years, and I'm married with 3 kids, from Ebonyi state in Biafra land. I am a motor mechanic. It was on 30th of May while we were praying and singing that the military men started shooting at us, they shot at my right and back hand. The doctor removed two bullets from there, since then I have been in pain and I am the bread winner of my family but I thank chukwuokike that I made it out of that place alive, because it was as if we were in a war situation eventhough we were peaceful. Despite all, I will never go back until Biafra is restored.

3rd Victim

My name is Nnamani Sunday, I am 20 years old, I am from Enugu state but I reside at Nkpor in Onitsha. It was also on 30th May when the Army were shooting at us while we were singing and praying in honour of our dead Heroes and Heroines that I got shot on my two legs, but I managed to crawl out from there and then our brother carried me to this Hospital. I am still a young boy and it will never deter me from demanding for my freedom. It is either they give us Biafra or we die trying.

4th Victim

My name is Obi Nkemakolam, Abia state. I am 24 years old and a business man. I'm not married. We were at Eke Nkpor heading to the venue of the event, along the way we encountered the Nigerian Force in their hikux vehicles filled with SARS, Navy, Police and Army. As soon  as they sighted us, they started shooting at us without any provocation on our part. They shot at my chest, since then, i've been finding it difficult to breathe. But all I know is that I will soon be well and Biafra must come or we all die in this contraption called Nigeria. Nigeria is a Zoo, they don't value Human lives.

5th Victim

My Name is Kenneth Agha Eni.. I'm 38 years, married with three kids. I am from Ebonyi. I was walking to the venue of where we were to honour our fallen Heroes when the Nigerian Army started shooting at us. They shot at my hand and then i started running for my dear life with blood gushing out, and then again they shot me on my legs before I fell down. The army rushed to pick me after shooting me down, but then I struggled to escape and crawled into one house and then the residents of the building locked their gate. They took about 15 of our men that they killed away. So that is how I found myself here. According to the Doctor, the bullet broke my bone, but I will never relent because I did no wrong other than honouring our dead Heroes and demanding for my freedom.

6th Victim

My name is Ifeanyi Aje. I'm 27 years, from Ebonyi state. The Nigerian Soldiers shot me on the laps on our way to the Avenue where we wanted to honour those that were massacred during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war in 1967/70. They killed many of our people and took their corpses away. It was indeed a painful and horrible scenario. My heart bleeds whenever I remember how my people were fallen and shouting till death. Some struggled to make it but couldn't. You really need to see how my brothers blood were flowing at Eke Nkpor. Infact, I am speechless... (tears).

7th Victim

My name is Daniel Chukwubuike, I'm 24hrs. I'm from Arochukwu in Abia state. I was praying with my flag and Bible while honoring our fallen Heroes on 30th of May, 2016. While at it, the Nigerian army for no reason began to shoot at us. They shot me on my laps and that is what has brought me here. I know that they did this because I am a Biafran and they want us to stop agitating from our freedom, but I will never relent until they give us Biafra. There is no future in this zoo called Nigeria. So it's either Biafra or Death.

Interviewer: What is your name and what brought you here?

8th Victim

My name is Edward Ebili from Delta State. I was shot by the Combined Team of Army and Navy when i was singing and honouring our Heroes. They shot me at my back. It was a horrible experience but I thank God I'm alive. And I also believe in Biafra.

Interviewer: Can I know your name and what brought you to this hospital.

9th Victim

My name is Solomon Ejindu from Anambra. It was on 30th May that we were at Eke Nkpor junction singing and praying in remembrance of our heroes when the Army came and opened live bullets on us and killed over 50 of us and more than 70 people got injured.

Interviewer: Were you having any weapon or objects that provoked them to start shooting at you?

Victim: No, we were just with our flags and Bible singing when they started shooting at us.

Interviewer: What is your fate now that you are injured, Are you going to continue with the struggle?

Victim: I am not going to go back in this struggle, there is no future in Nigeria and I am here to make sure that I give my children a future which is Biafra, it is either Biafra or death.

Interviewer : What is your name and what brought you to this Hospital?

10th Victim

My name is Alo Ozoemena a native of Ebonyi state but I reside in Enugu.

Interviewer: What really happened?

Victim: It was on the 30th May when we were going down to Eke Nkpor junction to start our celebration when the Army ambushed us on the road and started shooting at us. I ran into the bush where I started shouting for help and was brought to one hospital near Eke Nkpor but was later moved to this hospital at midnight.

Interviewer: Were you having any weapon that resulted in shooting at you?
Victim: Well, we were not going for war so I didn't have any weapon on me, I only had my bag that contained my clothes.

Interviewer: What's your resolution now, are you going to back out from this struggle when you fully recover?

Victim: I will never relent in this struggle, look at me, at this stage I don't have a good job even though I am educated, I will continue until Biafra is restored. It is either Biafra or death.

Interviewer: What's your age?

Victim: I am 25 years Old.

Interviewer: CHUKWUABIAMA will keep you till you see Biafra.

11th Victim

Interviewer: What's your name and how did it happen?

Victim: My name is Gabriel Onyedikachi from Imo.
It was on 30th May when we were praying at the venue of the event that Army came and opened fire on us.

Interviewer: Where did you sustain the Injury?

Victim: It was on my jaw

Interviewer: What's ur age and Marital status?

Victim: I am 25 years old and single.

Interviewer: Do you think you are going to agitate for Biafra as soon as you recover?

Victim: Even if at a gun point I have sworn not to go back and I have also determined to get Biafra or die fighting for it. Killing us will not stop Biafra coming.



  1. I have determined to get Biafra with Ohamadike Mazi Nnamdi Kanu my leader any where I am. And I will live to see Biafra become reality in Chukwuokike Abiama, iseeeee.

  2. I have determined to get Biafra with Ohamadike Mazi Nnamdi Kanu my leader any where I am. And I will live to see Biafra become reality in Chukwuokike Abiama, iseeeee.


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