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Wednesday 8 June 2016


Monitored information reaching our news desk reveals that Muhammadu Buhari, who left Abuja for London for "ear treatment and other health conditions" was not actually seriously sick, but it was a pretence visit London for a secret arms deal with Britain and other foreign countries whose monetary interests override that of human lives.

Buhari, according to our sources, had written to the Senate President endorsing his Vice  Osibanjo as Acting President throughout his Ten days stay in London. His "medical visit" to London was strongly questioned and taunted by various British Media such as CNN, UK GUARDIAN, among others who saw nothing good and important in the pretended medical visit by the "ailing" President.


It is on record that Buhari, shortly before he came to power, vowed to crush the Biafrans if they ever agitate for freedom again. Following his clearly manipulated "victory" through the planted, dubious INEC officials that surrounded his predecessor, he made his way into the presidential seat not to build, reconstruct, dialogue, or promote neither the growth of already swamped Nigeria's economy, nor peace and harmony of the ever disagreeing and conflicting ethnicities lumped together as one by the British Colonists.

From the very day Buhari came for inauguration, the press quoted his wife saying to  GoodLuck Jonathan and wife, " ...don't be afraid to go to jail." This single statement clearly indicated that Buhari was coming for vindictive war! Upon his assumption of office, he poignantly pounced upon his perceived enemies using force on them. The political enemies who probably opposed him being elected, including past decades issues, were carefully sorted and targeted.

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He came against Biafrans not just in one way. First, he targeted Biafrans having lucrative businesses and shut them out, or banned the goods they deal on from being imported. He went on to use other methods to relieve licenses from Biafra importers such as Ibeto and others. Having done with that, he now applied military force on the Biafrans, echoing and threatening fire and brimstone! Today he is in London under the disguise of receiving treatment. Of course he is being treated in London of whatever he may be suffering from. But let him realise that today is not yesterday! This year is not 1960-70 and would never be! All the past years have gone with their own levels and methods of doing things. If in his widest imagination he thinks his best approach to the sensitive issues on ground is his uneducated, and imbecilic moves to crush people who are requesting for freedom, then he must be truly sick!

Let the responsible hospitals in London conduct proper diagnosis on him and prescribe adequate medication that would cure him of acute military madness, bigotry, religious fanaticism, ethnic hatred, pretence, and subterfuges that have been worrying him for years.

Written By Heritage Ezza
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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