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Sunday 5 June 2016


Just like the Israelites cried unto God in the days of their oppression in Egypt, and he heard, so has he heard the Biafran cries, both of the dead and the living. He heard our cries under the wickedness meted out on us by this modern PHARAOH.

Since October 14, 2015 that our Moses (Nnamdi Kanu) was arrested. PHARAOH (Buhari) has worsened the predicament of Biafrans. He never hid his hatred, he potrayed it in his words and actions. He declared his intention to exterminate Biafrans so as to keep their oil wells which he claims was fought for and conquered.

He declared that it irritates him to hear people say the oil he fought for and for which over two million people died was theirs just because they resided there.


He further stated that he did not regret killing igbos and will kill more to keep his one Nigeria. He began to unleash mayhem with arms and ammunitions bought with tax payers money and meant to fight off invasion or armed criminals. He ordered his joint military personnel to utterly destroy unarmed, peaceful protestants in their land. So, they murdered us in cold blood, Biafran men, women, youth and children. Buhari threw caution overboard and buried democracy in tyranny.

He openly and deliberately shuned and flaunted court orders which had acquitted Director Nnamdi of all charges. He declared to the world through a media chat that he will never release our Moses, Nnamdi Kanu.

With this rubicon crossed, the killings continued. From Onitsha head bridge to Igweocha and Aba, the vampires hunted down and wasted Biafran youths. We became victims of kidnap, incarceration, secret jails, tortures and secret executions. What an evil place to be in!


On the 9th of February, 2016, these jobless marauders committed genocide against praying Biafrans who had gathered to seek the Lord's face in prayer. Pharaoh Buhari's bloodsuckers arrived in over twenty hilux buses and fully armed to the teeth. They opened fire on innocent people who committed no crime. They abducted many and took away corpses to cover their atrocities. Dead bodies later began to appear in borrow pits, morgues, etc. The evidences sparked off international interest, therefore, he withdrew his army and replaced them with boko haram terrorists camouflaged as Fulani herdsmen. For weeks they have terrorized Biafrans, from Agatu, Benue. Nimbo, Enugu to Aba, they held sway but amidst all this Yahweh's people remained resolute.

30th May has always been a great day for BIAFRA. We marked our independence and remembered our heroes who paid with their lives to give us Biafra. Nkpor, Anambra state was the venue of this year's celebration. IPOB had organized for the event. Gladly many sojourned from far and near to accord respect to our fallen heros only to be ruthlessly killed in cold blood.

PHARAOH Buhari sent his Islamic uniformed vampires and they went on a shooting spree, from 3:45am they invaded St. Edmund Catholic Church, Nkpor. They shed the blood of our youths, our women and men. All through the day they blocked all entrances to Nkpor, teargassed and killed helpless, trapped and unarmed Biafrans. My heart still weeps. They even carried away corpses of their victims and arrested many others while some are still missing till date. What a show of injustice.

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Now, Yahweh has risen! He has heard our cries. Our salvation is very near. Many have risen also on our behalf.

On Friday, 3rd June, 2016, some South-East and South-South groups rose from a meeting in Enugu, vowing to throw their weight behind the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB in order to facilitate the conduct of referendum for the actualization of Biafra. The 26 groups expressed outrage over the reported massacre of pro-Biafra agitators in Onitsha, Anambra State. They agreed to enlarge their coalition by consulting widely on the need or otherwise for the two regions to endorse the non-violence agitation of IPOB for a referendum to decide the future of Nigeria.

The meeting’s singular agenda was the support or otherwise of IPOB in pursuit of a referendum. It was convened by 82 year old NCNC and Zikist activist, Chief Mrs, Mariah Okwor, and Leader of the Igbo Women Assembly. Present at the meeting, were representatives of CAN, PFN, Traditional Rulers, Igbo Traders Congress, Ohanaeze Youth Forum, Igbo in Academia, South East Professionals, Niger Delta Youth Forum, Old Eastern Region Movement, World Igbo Congress, Igbo Survival Movement, South East Youth Congress, amongst others.


The groups were angered at the silence of the South East Governors over what they called “the cold blooded massacre of 81 Easterners on Monday around Onitsha and environs during the 49th Anniversary of the Annual May 30th Biafra Day Ceremony.”

Bishop Micheal Ibeneme of the Lords Salvation Gospel Ministry, who chaired the meeting, lamented the deliberate attempt by the Army to blackmail the youths, by claiming that the youths turned violent.

“It is fabricated lies, the youths were deliberately murdered by the soldiers simply because someone in Abuja does not want to hear the name Biafra. Everybody knows those boys were not armed".

“If a panel of enquiry is not immediately set up to bring to book those murderous soldiers, then the govt will be pushing all of us to join IPOB immediately. This mindless killing is unacceptable”.

Speaker after speaker condemned in no uncertain terms what they termed “the attempt to silence the truth by taking away more than half of the corpses by the military.”

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The groups agreed to consult more widely and enlarge the coalition in other to take a definite decision on whether to publicly canvass support for IPOB in the light of the brutal suppression by the military. The groups further agreed to meet on the 27th of June in Umuahia to take a final decision. Convener of the meeting, Chief (Mrs.) Mariah Okwor, almost in tears bemoaned the cold blooded slaughter of unarmed youths, whose only crime is their desire for freedom from a repressive and mindlessly oppressive state. She warned that the Onitsha massacre will not be swept under the carpet.

“This brutal genocide has clearly redefined the Nigeria reality. It is extremely difficult for any sane person to continue to support or even feel safe in any state where cold blooded murder by the state has become an everyday occurrence”.

She continued that, “The 81 young souls massacred on Monday has changed the dynamics, everybody now sympathizes with the boys, and we will meet on 26th June in Umuahia to announce our total support for an early referendum on the fate of this country called Nigeria.


“We are totally shocked at the ruthlessness and wickedness of killing our children in cold blood. Our governors by their silence are only trying to isolate themselves from the people. Soon the people will mass up on one side and Buhari, the soldiers and the governors on another side. They will soon fire out that they are Leaders without followers. Everybody is mourning. The killings are unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, in another development, the founder of Igbo Youth Movement and deputy Secretary of Igbo Leaders of Thought, Evangelist Elliot Uko, has appealed to all aggrieved youths of Eastern region to remain non-violent in their agitation for justice and equity, assuring them that the masses are with them.

Uko, who was addressing Student Union Leaders from 44 tertiary institutions from the South East, said the injustice in Nigeria can never be solved by killing unarmed youths and then turn round to falsely accuse them of attacking military man.

He said, “We all know IPOB are not armed, and we plead with them not to succumb to pressure and temptation to take up arms. The people are with them, that is the most important thing. I can tell you that over 95% of our people are sympathetic to the IPOB and their sacrifices.


“These mindless killings, have elicited so much sympathy towards their course. The decision to kill them was a terrible mistake. Now everybody is identifying with their course, even those who didn’t support them in the past now sympathize with them".

“So, the decision to kill them in order to scare them off and frighten them into backing off from their struggle has clearly backfired. The Aba massacre of February 9 and the Onitsha massacre of May 30 have won millions".

"NIGERIA WILL BURN LIKE CHEVRON PIPELINE". Some of the statements of Avengers  when they called Radio Biafra a few days ago. "No elder should come to us for negotiation all we want is Biafra, and let no any British or American negotiate with Nigerian government directly for any form of negotiation to release our leader, Nnamdi Kanu and all other Biafrans who are being held in ur custody, we have 5,000 missiles ready, the zoo satellite obit will be shut down soon that means there will be no communications and we are ready to send our missiles to Aso Rock any moment from now", NDA on Radio Biafra live.

Biafra's passover is near. It is time to prepare and encourage each other. Nigeria is about to lose their grip just like pharaoh lost his first son and it will affect the whole nation.

My people it is time to move to our promised land. Our land where the sun rises from. How can darkness overshadow us when we abide in light? Girt your loins, be prepared. Salvation is near.

Written By Victoria O.C Agangan
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. For the MOSTHIGH has given us the light of truth in PROPHET DR,MAZI NNAMDI KANU and of course though we walk through the valley of death we shall fear no EVIL,the mighty one ISRAEL,the GOD OF ABRAM, ISAAC AND JACOB FATHER OF GAD OUR PROGENITOR,ARODI,ARELI and ERI,the hour has come lead us OH MOSTHIGH out of the land of your ENEMIES,both at home,within,around and abroad send forth FIRE and SULFUR to CONSUME and never to rise again,and at end just as your PROPHET NNAMDI KANU will say,WE WILL LIFT BIAFRA UP TO HEAVENS IN WORSHIP AND DANCE WILD IN EVERY NOOKS and corners of BIAFRALAND and entire MANKIND will ACKNOWLEDGE your SUPREMACY over all things LIVING,DEAD,and even NONE LIVING that indeed you have made name for your self and BIAFRA the last miracle on earth,all this we ask in your name and only one CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA PURU IME IHENI NE,ISEH ISEH ISEH


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