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Monday 9 May 2016


Debe "Ojukwu" The Lost Soul
‘’IPOB? We own IPOB. IPOB belongs to us. We informed IPOB. IPOB is not a group. IPOB means the Indigenous People of Biafra, of which every Biafran is a member. So it is wrong for one person to arrogate to himself who is IPOB, and who is not. What happened was that most of them were misinformed’’…………………..Culled from Debe Ojukwu’s interview with Sun Newspaper

I read the latest dance of shame called interview that Debe Ojukwu granted Sun Newspaper not long ago and must confess  that I ended up shaking my head in utter disappointment as its becoming obvious to all and sundry that aim of these APC stooges like Debe Ojukwu, Emeka Emekaesri, Dozie Ikedife, Justice Eze Ozoba and others in the Bilie and the Supreme Council of elders of Bilie (not Biafra) is to fake leadership crisis in the Indigenous People of Biafra using their fellow APC cloned mouthpiece – The Sun Newsaper.

I must also confess that I now agree with the school of thought that believes that Bilie and its elder’s council including their legal team are all lost souls. Infact, someone suggested that they should be called ‘’TEAM LOST SOULs’’ henceforth.

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 How else can someone describe or define Debe Ojukwu and his lost soul team mates for claiming that ‘’they own IPOB and that IPOB belongs to them?’’ One is then left speechless when same soul who claimed that they own IPOB goes ahead to contradict himself by saying that IPOB is not group but means the Indigenous People of Biafra (which translates to the citizens of Biafra). Is this not a proven case of ‘’Lost Soulism?’’ or how does one describe a situation where a member of the lost soul team claims that the citizens of Biafra belongs to them and that they own the citizens of Biafra? Offcourse, we know that the only place where such contradicting claims and talk and denials are possible is the manifesto of the APC Political Party which characters like Debe Ojukwu and his other fellow lost souls are obviously speaking as her card carrying members.

These lost souls who are mainly APC Stooges started their dance of Shame or do I say started their relay race of shame with the so called leader of the Supreme Council of elders of Bilie, Justice Eze Ozoba trying to justify the handsome bribe that they have collected from the APC led Federal government of Nigeria, headed by the African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari (AHMB) himself and off course speaking through their known APC bankrolled media house – The Sun Newspaper which is owned by the Awusa/Fulani slave called Uzor Orji Kalu.


Justice Eze Ozoba ran the Bilie/APC relay race of shame 1st leg - by claiming that he does not know who Nnamdi Kanu is and that he has never met him before. Offcourse, I agree with the lieing former Justice of Enugu State, after all I want to equally use this opportunity to confess to the whole world that I do not know road to my mouth. Yes! You heard me right. Same way that Justice Eze Ozoba does not know Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is same way that I do not know the road to my mouth because, I have never met my mouth before. I even confessed this truth to my dad once but he ended up asking ‘’if I am telling Beatty?’’ (Beatty here being the proverbial Dundee maid who believes everything anybody tells her including the practically impossible)

When that claim by Eze Ozoba didn’t not sell due to the fact that the world knew that it was dead on arrival. Then Team lost soul working in conjuction with their new beautiful bride – The APC noticed they messed up what was supposed to be a good script and how their 1st leg/Lap runner was a total failure they scripted to send the 2nd Leg runner who incidentally is the shameless and proud card carrying member of the APC, Dr. Dozie Ikedife  who unfortunately occasionally ‘mouths’ about fighting for Biafra when it so suits him and his cohorts.

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This man who was amongst the very first set of individuals to pay homage to the APC president elect of AHMB  as he was known then to negotiate for the crumbs that will fall off his thieving table when he eventually gets sworn in as the president. The world waited for him during his visit to the African Hitler for him (Ikedife Dozie) to tell his APC president -elect that his people of Biafra needed freedom from the contraption called Nigeria but nothing of such ever came up during the meeting. How the APC/Bilie script writer choose to make his man his 2nd Leg runner stills beats the imagination of every follower of this APC/Bilie’s continued failed attempts to instigate and fake leadership crisis in IPOB.

Dozie Ikedife was given the direct instruction by their script writers to try and create leadership crisis in IPOB and secondly to accuse IPOB of violence ditto for his other remaining race of shame runners. As expected the old man acted outside of the script as his attempt was a ‘’successful failure’’. He started what will seem like the leadership question in IPOB by claiming that Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader of IPOB but failed woefully to name who the leader of IPOB is if not Nnamdi Kanu. Having failed woefully to use the Political elders of Bilie to fake leadership crisis in IPOB and the disappointment of the APC led government it was time to revert to the legal practitioners.


That fortunately or unfortunately will mean that the self-acclaimed, self-appointed, self-declared solicitor to the Indigenous of People of Biafra, Emeka Emekaesri will run the 3rd relay race of shame for this group. However, this Barrister will throw decorum to the air as he will adopt the gutter language antics of the APC. He accused IPOB of violence, agreed with Dozie Ikedife that Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader of IPOB and went as far as calling Nnamdi Kanu a boy. Yes! The self acclaimed solicitor of the indigenous people of Biafra called a Biafran who is over 40 years of age a boy and equally accused same Biafran of biting more than he can chew and ended up asking why the boy - Nnamdi Kanu claimed that he had once asked him to allow Rochas Okorocha to be part of the Biafran struggle at Banister’s House in London.

Did I forget to also mention that his man went as far as claiming that the name ‘’Indigenous Biafra of IPOB’’ was created by him? Infact, he claimed to have the copyright license to the name as he is the very first person to have used the words ‘’Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB’’ in his book ‘’Biafra or Ibo Presidency: which do the Ibos want?’’ That claim is a typical proven case of dance step of shame.

Then came the man that was mandated to anchor the Bilie/APC relay race of shame, Sylvester Ude A.K.A Debe Ojukwu. He is the one who claimed that they own IPOB and that IPOB belongs to them. Is it not an Irony who this disowned child is claiming the ownership of IPOB? What a shameful way to anchor a race! Debe Ojukwu just made a fool of himself and his mates.  It’s a shame that Debe Ojukwu finally put a nail on the coffin of these Bilie/APC stooges and their script writers as his claim that they own IPOB and IPOB belongs to them SAYS IT ALL.                  

Written by Chuks Ikedigwe.        
Published By Nwosu C.S               
For Biafra writers.

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