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Tuesday 10 May 2016


Buafrans in Aba Protesting peaceully following Buhari's anti-Biafra statement
Just 24hrs after the president of the Islamic republic of Nigeria spewed his usual anti -Biafra statement during a visit to his home town in Katsina state, on the 9th of may 2016, Biafrans in Aba responded today being the 10th of may 2016, by taking to the streets in protest of his callous comments.

Buhari reiterated his stand against Bafra restoration, by boastfully saying that he will use all the resources at his disposal to crush any agitation for Biafra. He went on to cite flimsy reasons why Biafra should not stand which include the fact that we lost two million people according to him. Buhari who has never hidden his disdain towards Biafrans has made his vows, but he must also be aware that Biafrans have also made their vows, which was solidified by the oath we all took.


Just like the Hausa-Fulani people rigged the last census figures, Buhari has also ficticiously downsized the figure of the total people that were killed by his murderous group during the war of 1967-70.
Need I remind Buhari that Biafrans lost over 3.5m Biafrans in that war? Perhaps his ailment which I learnt has been ravaging him has gotten to his brain, to the extent that he no longer recall the total number of casualties of the war in which he bagged a title following his conquest in the famous "Owerri massacre" where thousands of innocent civilians were killed under his command, including children.

Buhari in furtherance of his ignorance, went on to say that it will be suicidal for Nigeria to break up. He also said they will rather drown in the atlantic ocean than for Biafra to be free. Yes, it will be suicidal because you will no longer have access to our crude oil which has been sustaining you and your murderous great grand fathers Uthman Dan-Fodio. He warned you all (his progenitors) to protect your estate (Nigeria) and to rule over your slaves in perpetuity, so yes it will be suicidal not to uphold his legacy. It will be suicidal because you are yet to achieve your aim of Ismalizing the children of God and as a jihadist that you are, you are yet to fulfil the promise you made in Kaduna in the presence of islamic scholars which says " God willing we will not stop the agitation for total implementation of sharia in all part of Nigeria".

More protest picture in Aba
Just like Buhari vowed not to stop his sharia movement in Nigeria, so has IPOB vowed not to rest until Biafra is restored. Just like Buhari said that Nigerians will rather drown in the sea than for Biafra to stand, so has the Indigenous People of Biafra vowed that "It is either Biafra or death".  We say no to islamization of Biafrans. We do not share the same ideology, so why must we live together only for you to continue subjugating and killing Biafrans.

Aba has taken the bull by the horn, let us see what the islamic bigot who could not call his Fulani herdsmen that have been massacring our people to order will do about it. From the statement of Buhari yesterday, he has only made it clear once again like he did during his last media chat that Nnamdi Kanu will not be released. Now we can see why John Tsoho his willing tool is hell bent on presiding over the case of Nnamdi Kanu, despite the petition to withdraw self from the case.

Buhari is sowing the wind and he is about to reap the whirlwind. Biafrans are urged not to be cowed by Buhari's statement because in the end, Biafra must be restored. The demand of the avengers must be met, release Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra or somalia will be too little to use as reference point.

Wtitten By Nwosu C. S
For Biafra Writers


  1. Buhari is a sadist, fascist, dictator and militant dictator. The only language he understands is force, violence and war. Biafrans must begin now to organize. Buhari is an evil and wicked militant leader. He needs to be taught a lesson. This time, he cannot get away with murder like 1967-70. He and his family must perish this time around with Biafrans.

  2. The forces of good will always triumph against evil.


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