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Tuesday 10 May 2016


When Buhari threatened and boasted to crush Radio Biafra London out of the Nigeria airwaves and render it silent everybody took him seriously. But when he couldn't achieve his threat, he sought and bought over Satelink communication of Israel, the company carrying Radio Biafra signals (with Biafra oil money)
Consequent to that, the satellite got missing in the orbit. Did he crush Radio Biafra London? You know the answer.

Buhari thought that by arresting Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra, that he will succeed in silencing IPOB but he failed. Nnamdi Kanu is in detention and Biafra Television London went on air and is broadcasting on satellite and on Cable TV as well as on the internet. Now the haggard looking old pedophile has issued another threat that instead of Biafra to come "he Buhari" will die. And we know that to be true because Biafra will come and Buhari will die.

He has never carried out any threat in his life without seeking outside help. The little momentary success the Nigerian military had over boko haram was with the help of Niger and Cameroonian forces. Now who is Buhari going to use to actualise his threat of stopping Biafra? You won't believe this!

Information reaching Biafra writers from a very reliable source, says that Buhari, under the auspices of the Nigeria DSS summoned a secret meeting of EX-NIGER DELTA MILITANTS LEADERS yesterday in Abuja. In attendance were all the former millitants except Asari Dokubor and Government Ekpemupolo a.k.a Tompolo, who fought for resource control until they were granted amnesty by the Nigerian government.

In the meeting, Buhari offered them huge sums of money (money from Biafra oil) to sabotage the Biafra restoration effort by fighting against those Biafrans of the Niger Delta extraction and the millitants known as "THE AVENGERS" from supporting the Biafra restoration project or calling for the release of Nnamdi Kanu.

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This is another strategy devised by Buhari to create disunity among Biafrans, especially those from the Niger Delta region as they choose to call them. Buhari has seen that his effort is not yielding fruit and as such had to crawl on his knees seeking help from our own people to destroy themselves.

Our cousins from the Niger-Delta as they are called should not fall prey to Buhari's machinations as it will only amount to a case of 'Use and dump'. This present agitation to restore Biafra is unlike any. The whole of Biafra is behind the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu and unlike 1967-70, we will no longer be divided by the Arewa in conjunction with their cowardly yoruba counterpart. It is very obvious that the only reason they want to create division within the IPOB family and keep us bondage in perpetuity, is because of our oil and gas that is their only means of survival.

It is one thing to accept Buhari's bribe and it is another thing  to sabotage the restoration of your father land. This is a case of "stealing from someone's father and using same loot  to hire his son to assassinate his father". A good child will accept the bribe because it's his father's money, but will rather kill the hirer. So the EX-NIGER DELTA MILITANTS leaders should realize that for a Hausa-Fulani to use Biafra sons to obstruct the restoration of their father land will amount to one killing his father and selling himself into slavery. TAKE THE MONEY (it's your father's money) BUT WORK FOR THE RESTORATION OF YOUR FATHER LAND.

A wise son can never take a bribe to destroy his father's family and be a slave forever. Should the Niger Delta militants leaders accept to work for the pedophile Buhari, they would have been the proverbial fool who allowed same stick that plucked his left eye to pluck his remaining right eye and render him permanently blind. And a true Biafran won't let that happen and I believe the militants leaders are wiser than Buhari. The ex-Niger Delta militants leaders should reflect back to what happened to their brothers who worked for Hausa-Fulani Nigeria against their father's land and act wisely.

This is therefore a notice to the international community to know how Buhari is twisting the course of Justice in Nigeria. Buhari advocated for the sovereignty of the people of Palestine and opted to be the first to support the self determination efforts of people of Western Sahara. But in the case of the right of Biafrans to self determination, Buhari sees it as abomination. A leader has never branded himself a hypocrite so much so as Mohammadu Buhari.

We are the Indigenous People of Biafra. The right of the indigenous people to self determination is a lawful right supported by both local and international laws, and IPOB seeks the right to self determination of Biafrans within the ambit of the law. So nothing, nobody, not even General Muhammadu Hitler Buhari can stop it.

Written By Ikeechukwu Nwaorisa 
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra writers

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