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Sunday 8 May 2016



The name Ojukwu rings a bell whenever it is mentioned not just because the people's General, Dim Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu became the first head of state of the Republic of Biafra between 1967 to 1970, but because Sir Louise Ojukwu, father of General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu was a notable citizen when the economy of Nigeria is being discussed. 

Now a lion they say never give birth to a coward, he really gave birth to a lion in the person of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu. But can the same saying be made with regards to this moron that calls himself a son of the people's General, Debe Ojukwu? Your answer is as good as mine. "Onye iberibe amaghi mgbe eji buru ya gafee ama nna ya" ["Only an imbecile like DEBE Ojukwu will never know when he is carried beyond his father's compound"]. What is more, his true paternity is still being contested at the family circle to which we are inclined to believe that those who object to his claim as one of the Ikemba's sons may not be totally wrong.

A true son always strives to finish what his father started. But in the case of Debe, he has joined forces with the enemies of his father to rubbish his father's legacy. In my opinion, this doesn't depict a character of a true son and no wonder the entire Ojukwu family teamed up to write an open letter to him and rightly addressed him in his real name Sylvester Ude, asking him to hands off Ojukwu's Transport Limited, a company he was employed as a manager. 

A MUST READ: Open letter from Odumegwu Ojukwu Family to Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu.

In Ikemba Ojukwu's will which was made public after the one year period of mourning for the great leader, the name of this gold digger bastard of a son was completely omitted. Was that an oversight? I doubt. We say so because an unknown daughter of the great general, Tenny Harman whom he had with a Hausa girlfriend was not forgotten. So if this impostor is really the son of Ikemba Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, why was his name left out of his will?

The Hausa-Fulanis are determined to exterminate the Biafrans from the face of the earth and as such anyone romancing with the Hausa-Fulani led government of Buhari is a number one enemy of Biafra, just as Ikedife, Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Governor Obiano of Anambra State and  a host of other political bootlicks of Igbo extraction. They have sold their birthright for a pot of porridge in exchange for the freedom of their people and fatherland.

READ THIS: Ikedife, ex-Ohanaeze boss, leads Ndigbo to Buhari, pledges Igbo loyalty

Dozie Ikedife claims to be the leader of IPOB before we destroyed him and his claim, but he led a delegation of some hopeless and shameless disgraceful Igbo elders to the Hausa-Fulani government of Buhari in Abuja to beg for recognition and to feed even on the crumbs that fall off the table of the Hausa-Fulanis. What a shame. Likewise, Debe Ojukwu, whose acclaimed father spent 13 years in exile for his fight for the freedom of his people was happy at presenting Ngige as an APC governorship candidate for Anambra state in the last election. Ngige winning the election would have amounted to a no holds barred in ushering in Boko Haram terrorists and that would have spelt doom for the state. It is really ridiculous for an acclaimed freedom fighter to meddle in the politics of the country he wishes to be free from


Any of these could have been his father

No wonder the entire Ojukwu family were unanimous in disclaiming him, because, no true son of Biafra will opt to serve a Hausa-Fulani for anything in this life. The Ikemba Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu disclaimed this impostor and asked him to present himself for a DNA test to which he refused to appear. If he is sure of his paternity, why was he reluctant to show up?

Now this confused dying old man is claiming that Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader
of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB. What was his reaction when Buhari said that IPOB is an unlawful society and accused Nnamdi Kanu of belonging to an unlawful society. This confused man, Sylveater Ude, said that Chief Justice Eze Ozobu, the former chief judge of Enugu State is the leader of IPOB. And that the   next in command to him is Dr Dozie Ikedife. If they are really IPOB leaders, why did Buhari and his DSS spare them who are the leaders and founders?

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Now I have a question for Sylvester Ude. When Buhari declared IPOB an unlawful society, the people he claim to lead, what was your statement. What were the actions or inactions of these purported leaders? Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and charged for belonging to an unlawful society, but the "acclaimed" leaders, the duo of Eze Ozobu and Dr Dozie Ikedife were walking freely. What sort of leaders are they?

If this moron, Ude Sylvester says he and the other people he mentioned are leaders of IPOB, let them issue a directive to the people of Biafra or a directive to Radio Biafra London.

These confused fools claim that they established Radio Biafra, which the Nigeria Government called a "pirate radio", what was their response to that? When the Nigerian government through their Ministry of Communication or Nigeria Broadcasting Commission threaten to crush and jam Radio Biafra London, what did these leaders of IPOB do to forstall that? 

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People who love to reap where they did not sow, just as he Sylvester Ude wanted to fraudlently reap from Dim Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu's assets but was properly addressed by the General as a bastard which he really is and denied every inheritance. If this bastard continues to meddle in the Biafra restoration project as a Hausa-Fulani stooge he is, Biafrans will not hesitate to show him the tree that bore him, because, "Agwụisi  rawa nsị a gwa ya osisi eji pịa ya".... [this idol dare not make some noise, else, we show it the tree from which it was carved]

Sylvester Ude a.k.a Debe Ojukwu should hencefort steer clear of IPOB and her restoration struggle and concentrate on licking the boots of their Hausa-Fulani masters to which they are slaves or else, he will recieve the Bastard treatment.

Written  By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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