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Monday 23 May 2016

NORTHERN CONSENSUS MOVEMENT...The consensus of Sycophants

NORTHERN CONSENSUS MOVEMENT...The consensus of Sycophants  

The recent call of the group that calls itself Northern Consensus Movement on the Federal government to classify and treat all the agitating groups from the southeastern part of Nigeria same as Boko haram, can only be viewed as a statement by a group of uninformed tribalistic bigots. 

Why are the Northern Consensus Movement seeking revenge of the treatment meted to Boko Haram terrorist on the law abiding people of Biafra? Does this mean that the Northern Consensus Movement were enjoying the massacre of the innocent people of the North East Nigeria which the Boko haram terrorists were carrying out? Why are they unhappy with the treatment of the federal government on Boko haram terrorists that they now seek a revenge on law abiding people of Biafra.


I can only compare the Northern Consensus Movement as a group of psychologically deranged people for trying to compare IPOB with Boko haram. IPOB are agitating for the self-realization of the Biafran people within the ambits of the National and International law. IPOB is nonviolent and has not attacked even the police and army that have been killing them on a peaceful protest and even on a prayer ground. In what way can IPOB be compared to Boko haram?

 Has IPOB ever attacked a community killing all things that breath and burning houses? Has IPOB burnt any church and abducted school children? Why should these terrorist breeders called Northern Consensus Movement ever compare the Indigenous people of Biafra with a world recognised worst terrorist organisation? 

In a press statement, the group said....“All groups including separatist elements that use violence as an instrument of expression of grievances, such as, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), should be given same treatment as Boko Haram". Why would they classify IPOB as a violent group? IPOB has the world record as having organised the most peaceful protest ever conducted all over the world, yet one Comrade Jibrila Gadzama who doubles as the leader of the movement has the guts to state that IPOB is a violent group. Has the IPOB attacked any person or group of persons in the pursuit of their restoration project? Why would Northern Consensus Movement make the above statement?


By this statement, the world can now see that Boko Haram is after all not faceless. These groups who called themselves Northern Consensus Movement made up of about ten organisations, namely....Arewa Liberation Movement, United Arewa Youth Organisation, Miyyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Northern People Unity and Reconciliation Union, Amalgamated Northern Youth for North Central, Northern Youth Assembly, Salvage Nigeria Forum among others, are the sponsors of Boko Haram, because, there is no way these bunch of nomadic almajrs can be able to procure the type of sophisticated weapons which even the Nigerian Soldiers don't have without the sponsorship of these Northerners. 

This is the handiwork of the kinsmen of the Northern Consensus Movement-Boko Haram. 

Has IPOB shot a bullet on anyone before? 

That was why Mohammadu Buhari once said that "attack on Boko haram is an attack on the North". If Boko haram is not sponsored and nurtured by the coalition of Northern Consensus Movement, why are they sympathetic with a terrorist group? Its only in Nigeria that a section of the country is protecting the activities of a dreaded terrorist group who have been slaughtering the innocent men, women and children of a whole community and burning houses and churches. Instead of condemning these terrorists, the Northern Consensus Movement wants the federal government to treat IPOB the same way Boko haram has been treated. 

In his statement, Comrade Jibrila Gadzama posited that the north contributed immensely to the growth of Nigeria's foreign reserve through their groundnut pyramid, but I have not heard of a northerner who has billions of dollars of groundnut pyramid farm as we have them owning billions of dollars worth of oil well in the south. Comrade Jibrila Gadzama is a big fool who knows next to nothing but a plot to keep parasitising on Biafrans for survival because they know that outside Biafrans resources, they cannot fend for themselves. 

This Jibrila Gadzama is obviously a mental case that must have his head examined by a competent psychiatrist for making a statement such as this...“Regrettably, despite the critical role played by the North and Northerners, we have observed growing tendencies of attacks on our brothers living in the south-eastern part of the country by Southerners with virulent separatist sentiments". Suffice this to say it's true, why is it then difficult for you the "nonvirulent north" to allow these people you refer as virulent to go their separate ways? But NO, instead, you are amassing various unimaginable war weapons to kill, maim and suppress our move to separate ourselves from you. 

You have filled your evil mosques where you are supposed to worship your gods with weapons of mass destruction aimed at stopping Biafra from leaving you. What a shame. We know the critical role you people have been playing in the Nigeria project...the production of all imaginable forms of terrorism, from Maitasine to Boko haram to Hausa-Fulani herdsmen, all designed to kill and slaughter innocent people. Mr. Jibrila has forgotten that Sabon gari market where Biafrans trade in the north has been burnt twice and various Biafran populated markets have been bombed with unimaginable casualties.


In all known history, I have never seen a collection of a deranged group of lunatics as this group called Northern Consensus Movement. Listen to them..."It is necessary for all Nigerians to live with one another as pre-requisite to nation building. This must be done in a spirit of respect and brotherliness. We cannot continue to watch innocent people killed, maimed and brutalised for no reason other than being Northerners,” ....In the history of Nigeria, which group of people has been known to attack other ethnic groups but the Hausa-Fulani?

From the time of Maitasine to Boko haram to the present metamorphosed Hausa-Fulani herdsmen, Mr. Jibrila's kinsmen have always been the ones on killing spree but hear them condemning the killing and asking for perpetrators to be brought to book. How many Boko haram terrorists are in jail? Can one be so shamelessly hypocritical?

Mr. Jibrila, Your brothers have laced the whole market in Aba, Abia state with over 500 bombs and filled their mosques with ammunition. Why? IPOB has never attacked any group of people all through our self-determination struggle, but if any of those bombs should go off in Biafra land and kill a Biafran, be rest assured that the North does not hold a monopoly on violence.

Written By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa

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