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Sunday 27 March 2016


They praised their god as the goods burnt. Fellow Biafrans, haba!
When will you learn? Allah Akbar rang so loudly drowning the cries of helpless traders who stood hopelessly watching their livelihoods burn into ashes. This is the sad story of Sabongari market, in Kano state, Nigeria. The video has gone viral on social media and now is action time for the plotters.

After the electioneering periods last year, I argued with a woman who boldly announced that they were going to chase away Biafrans from Lagos state for not voting APC. She highlighted plans to destroy Ladipo and many other markets where Biafrans do their trades and they will be converted to parks and schools. She said of Biafrans that ''we were comfortable in their land yet had refused to vote for them.''
Does it require a soothsayer or a prophet to explain that this is a well-orchestrated plan that is being systematically carried out?

Sincerely, since January 2016, Biafrans have been hit harder than envisaged nor imagined. Biafrans businesses in Oshodi was pulled down by the order of Ambode the governor. This order ushers in an avenue for Lagos hoodlums to having a field day at looting commodities and goods worth billions of Naira. None of the business owners were allowed to take the least of their commodities out of their various shops as their shops were sealed without forewarning and the usual phrase was ''order from above.''


Biafrans, when will you learn? What stops you from going and developing your businesses in Biafra land? When will you stop taking your wares and wealth to your enemies at the same time developing their lands? We have all it takes to establish a nation so why suffer constant humiliations from other people? Recently, Ladipo market came under siege as many Biafrans cried their hearts out. Their arrival on that fateful morning to the market was the worst morning they will never forget as they met empty spaces on a once filled motor parts shops. Ambode was at it again! They have vowed to cripple our commercial status and take over our businesses and gradually, systematically and sporadically they are making progress.

Hey Biafrans, learn your lesson. Go home and build your lands!
You can reside anywhere you want but secure your wealth and children's future. "Adighi eji akpata etufu aba ogaranya." "Wealth does not come through wastage. "They shouted at the top of their voices: "Allah Akbar!" "May Allah be praised!" This vicious show of hatred summarizes all the events unfolding and reaffirms the ''Alhaji and Kunle affiliation.'' Frankly, it is high time we put differences aside and reason together. God created us and put us in different locations with diverse attributes, qualities and resources. He even made boundaries and commanded that landmarks must not be removed.

A piece from me to most of you in these categories; for those who claim to belong to lands far away from their places of birth or origin and refuse to belong to their clan which is a stone throw, you need to rethink. Those who deny their mother tongue for the sake of monetary favours and political positions need thorough brain overhaul.
For those who are lost in other lands with no intentions of coming back to their homeland, their brainwashed senses need redeeming revival.

Conclusively, now is the time to return and build the land from where the sun rises; Biafra. We are the recipient of the sun's radiance before others, which is a pointer to how blessed we are as a people.The wise men were from the east and as a nation are we very thrifty. Need I explain further that the Biafrans survived and surpassed expectations of failure with mere post civil-war 20 pounds from the murderous Nigerian government regardless of how much a Biafran had in his/her bank account before the war? We have excelled and overcame all sorts of trials and the last one will be the restoration of our dear homeland; Biafra. Time to leave and restore Biafra is now. With the exodus from these foreign lands, you will make them stop the chants; ''Allah Akbar!''

Written By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited By Obioma Ebere
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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