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Tuesday 29 March 2016



    SABON GARI MARKET BURNING AS BIAFRANS LOOK ON                                                        HELPLESSLY
It is quite unfortunate and very disturbing, that the world powers feel numb and dumb over the atrocities committed against Biafrans in the contraption called Nigeria. 
It could be recalled that an audio tape which went viral on the internet between Kunle and one Alhaji from the North, stated it clear that the agenda of the APC-led government is to sweep out Biafrans businesses in both the north and the west. This they have started to carry out from the demolition of Oshodi market at Lagos in January 2016 , a market chiefly dominated by Biafrans without even issuing a notice to them. This is not the first time they are setting fire on Biafrans dominated markets, and yet they are clamoring for one Nigeria. 

It could be recalled that early this year 2016, they burnt down Sabon Gari market in Kano where billions of Naira worth of goods belonging to Biafrans were razed down. Now again, on 26 March 2016, they went back to complete what they started by burning down everything that was left of the market while chanting "Allahu Akbar" praising their god Allah saying more of Biafrans shops, churches will be burnt until Biafrans residing in kano left, northern youth, issuing threats to Biafrans in Sabon Gari . A northerner named Nural Lawal, went further saying "may god bless whoever set the market on fire, adding, let Biafrans leave Kano and go back to Biafra land. Yet they tell us this is 'one Nigeria'. This is just the beginning of the woes that will befall Biafrans for as long as they keep staying in the North". 

Isn't that obvious Biafrans are not welcomed in this 'one Nigeria'? Biafrans are often slaughtered at any slightest provocation including destroying their properties. Biafrans are been deported from Lagos, western Nigerians, to Biafra land, while the constitution of Nigeria stipulates that people are free to live and do business in any part of the country they pleased. How can you deport a citizen of the same country to his home state? 

Buhari vowed to kill Biafrans and he is using Nigerian soldiers to reduce us in number. what else can the aggrieved and marginalized Biafrans do rather than calling for her independence which is what we are agitating? Yet Buhari is still killing Biafrans and the world is watching with keen interest without separating the wolf's from the sheep's. 

Buhari found it easy to acknowledged and support the secession of Palestinians and West Sahara. Why is it cumbersome for him to acknowledge Biafra self-determination bid? Why is Buhari killing Biafra self-determination agitators? Why did he (Buhari) conspire with eastern governors to kill Nnamdi Kanu in prison whom he detained unjustly since October 2015 for his ideology?

It's only in Nigeria that, self-determination agitators are being killed and arrested. It's only in Nigeria that a president will disobey numerous court rulings even when the defendant is not found guilty, and is acquitted and discharged. It's only in Nigeria that a corrupt president is claiming to be fighting corruption. It's only in Nigeria that soldiers are killing civilians they meant to protect. It's only in Nigeria that an oil producing state, which actually came from Biafra land, are always suffering from fuel scarcity. ONLY IN NIGERIA!

It's only in Nigeria that teachers and doctors are being owed salaries for months. It's only in Nigeria that graduates are driving taxi cabs and commuter bike riders whilst illiterates such as Buhari are been made the head of state. It's only in Nigeria where citizens pay for public utilities they never used, such as electricity bills . ONLY IN NIGERIA!

In all these avalanches of problems in Nigeria, are they not enough reasons for Biafrans to secede? Nigeria must dismember and from its ashes arise the original owners of the land among whom are Biafrans. 
Biafrans are not wanted in Nigeria, we need our own nation which is Biafra. Give us a referendum now for no amount of killing or intimidation can stop the agitation for the sovereignty of Biafra.

By Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia 
Edited  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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