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Tuesday 29 March 2016



Since the arrest of the leader of indigenous people of biafra (ipob) in 14 October 2015 Nigeria and its judiciary has crumbled to let justice prevail,Nnamdi Kanu's case has brought the attention of foreign countries to witness how Nigerian justification works. Buhari has stated that the judiciary is his headache,which in other words means that he want the judiciary to dance to his tune as a dictator he is,Mohammadu buhari is now spearheading the three arms of government nigeria which are the executive,legislative and the judiciary.
Buhari pressured Justice tosho to lick his vomit by reversing his ruling which he ruled that masquerade will not testify against Nnamdi Kanu, he buhari also detained ipob leader after court ordered for his release likewise sambo dasuki. Today been 29th march the Chief Justice of Nigeria CJN Justice Mahmud Mohammed has said he had no problems with President Muhammadu Buhari or any agency of government over the non-compliance with court orders,here is my questions:
(1)if the judiciary has no problem with anyone disobeying court order were will the common man get justice from? (2) Is it proper for the legislative,executive and judiciary to destroy the law which they are made to keep? (3)can someone really get justice in Nigeria? (4) if justice is real why not practice it in Nigeria? These are questions that people ask and it required an adequate answers,the world is watching what the Nigerian judiciary is capable of, This is the reasons why Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for the Restoration of sovereignty state of Biafra,Chukwu Okike Ahbiama is the only one true GOD and he is with us. By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 

IPOB Writers

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