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Tuesday 29 March 2016


As centuries pass by, the western world would imagine we have become civilized; but the truth is that civility is an inexisting phenomenon in Nigeria, a country ravaged by savagery and barbarism. The saddest part is that our eagerness to protect humanity keep on diminishing as the world turns blind eye to the precarious situation being faced by Biafrans in this unholy matrimony with Nigeria.
 Where is it written that those in power can play God and take life without reason, trial or explanation?

The young men in the picture above were illegally arrested by the Nigerian army on their way from Owerri to Aba where they attended meeting. They were astonishingly dehumanized, and eventually killed on that fateful day. These killers in uniform went further to pour toxic chemical on the corpses so as to erase every trace of their horrible act.
Prior to their killing, these young Biafrans had their hands tied behind their back with Biafran flag, and few weeks after their arrest, several bodies with their hands tied in same position were discovered by a passer by.
This is a confirmation of the information that we have been receiving, that Nigerian army and other security agencies are secretly killing our people every blessed day.

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This is to put the world on notice that both the young and old Indigenous People of Biafra, are being illegally arrested, dehumanized and killed on a daily basis. This may sound ficticious to some gullible minds but the fact and evidence is there for the world to see. The video of the Aba Massacre of the 19th Of February is a clear proof of Buhari's tyranny against Biafrans, using the Nigerian Army and other security apparatus as his executive assassins. Has anybody wondered why Muhammadu Buhari refused to watch his foot soldier's escapade involving the gruesome murder of Biafrans on Aljazeera Television?
His countenance and gesture is a clear testament that his mind is made up to continue killing Biafrans.

Our people are still being arrested in Abia, Rivers, Cross-Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Anambara, Enugu, Bayelsa, Delta, Ebonyi and Imo State and all over Nigeria for peacefully protesting the illegal detention of our leader Nnamdi Kanu and exhibiting our right to self-determination as stipulated by the UN, an agreement in which Nigeria happen to be a signatory to. Even while you read this article, Biafrans are being kidnapped, maimed and secret killing continues unabated, perpetrated by Hausa-Fulani killer squad of Muhammadu Buhari in form of Nigerian police, DSS and the army.

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Once again, let it be on record that in our possession lies the undisputable evidence (Video recording), that a joint task force of the Nigerian police and army, surrounded some indigenous people of Biafra while they were praying to high heavens, calling upon the God they serve to grant our leader victory in court, as well as restore our inheritance which is the Sovereign state of Boafra. While they were busy praying, the trigger-happy assassins in uniform opened fire on them, shooting many dead and leaving many injured.

Some were bundled away half dead, including women. It will shock you to know that over 70 percent of Biafrans seen in the video are still at large, but we know their lives have been terminated just like the 22 bodies found burning as reported by Amnesty International. The others are languishing in prison and calling for justice to be done in their case. It is now evident that the systematic delay of their release by tyrant Muhammadu Buhari, is for them to be secretly eliminated one after the other.

We the indigenous people of Biafra are putting the world on notice of this barbaric and unabated inhumane activities meted out on Biafrans by the Nigerian government with impunity. It is high time the world understand that Biafrans won't let go of Biafra, just as much as Nigeria don't want to let go of Biafra. It is incumbent that they beckon on the modern Hitler of our time, in the person of Muhammadu Buhari, to free all Biafrans held hostage in Nigeria, including the chief prisoner of conscience (POC) Nnamdi Kanu. There is no need postponing the evil days ahead, for it is upon us already and we are ready for whatever the outcome will be. It is still Biafra or Death just incase you are unaware!

Written By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers


  1. I'm just sick and tired of reading that unarmed and peaceful Biafra youths are being massacred by the Nigeria Islamic army, police and dss. Islamic Nigeria is still barbaric and uncivilized and as such peaceful protests is not going to give us Biafra. Most of the international community with exception of Israel and few others are not going to help. The United States of America under Obama is simply misdirected and misled until he leaves the oval office in January 2017. It’s time to seek Israel and give Islamic Nigeria final warning to stop killing unarmed Biafra’s youth – or unless -----. Enough is enough.

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