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Tuesday 3 May 2016


Ngana Anthony Victim Of Fulani Attack In Nimbo Uzo Uwani

Barely a week after the attack on the people of Nimbo community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu state by nomadic Fulani herders, reports had it that there was an attempted attack on the people of Umuode Amodu Awkunanaw in Nkanu West Local Government Area of the same state.
The attack which happened at night on the first day of May, 2016, saw the villagers running helter skelter for their lives.

Although no casualty was recorded, the villagers expressed their displeasure on the heinous activities of Fulani herdsmen in their community.
The villagers who complained that they were being prevented from cultivating on their farmlands and also their crops are been destroyed even after spending a huge amount of money for cultivation, said that they became worried when news flew in that one of the cows belonging to Fulani herdsmen was badly injured in one of its legs, saying that because their community is quite close and shares the same border with Agu Abo Hill, the Fulani herders thought that they were the ones who wounded the cow, dismissing it as insensitive on the part of the Fulani herdsmen.


One of the villagers who spoke to BW/TV crew explained that the herdsmen have completely grounded their farming activities, saying that they have been on guard since yesterday night and will not allow them to kill or maim them as they did to the people of Nimbo.
He further stated that the Fulani herders always go around with their guns and other dangerous weapons which they usually hide inside their mats and bags only to make use of them in any slightest provocation. He called for help and support from well-meaning individuals.

Chinedu Ewo; one of the villagers who described the inhabitants of the community as being peaceful, hardworking, loving and ready to entertain visitors, said that they do not have any problem with the nomadic herders only that they use to destroy their crops and farmlands with their cattle and at times, a number of them would be seen driving into their private compounds and at such times they discover that some of the clothes they had spread to dry would be missing.

Ewoh who usually stays in the city stated that they had a meeting in the afternoon of that day with the head of Fulani communities in the Southeast including the police, the military and other allies to deliberate and find lasting solutions to the menace of Fulani herdsmen in their community. He continued that after the meeting, he had left for the city thinking that all had been put under control, only to receive a distress call at night informing him about the tension and pandemonium being created by Fulani herdsmen.

He said that this prompted him to alert the police and the military, informing them that his community is no longer safe and secured as women and children were seen scampering for safety. He stated that but for the timely intervention of the police and the military, the situation would have turned into chaos, saying that no life was lost neither was any person injured. He pointed out that he would not wish the incident that happened at Nimbo to repeat itself in his community or any other place.


Another resident of the community; Christian Orji, frowned at the awful activities of the Fulani herdsmen, explaining that they had instilled fear in their women as they no longer go to work on their farms alone at day time, citing an unfortunate incident that happened at Obeagu Awkunanaw; a neighbouring village, whereby one woman was brutally raped inside her farm by the nomadic herders.

He further revealed that early last month when he had went to play football with his peers, they were terrified when they saw some Fulani herdsmen bringing out dangerous pistols from a small bag they travel with. He said on seeing this, they immediately ran back home as fear and shock enveloped them.
He further stated that on the night of first May, they had prepared to attack them but nobody was able to catch sleep or go to their farmlands because of the fear of being murdered by the herders.

He begged the government to ensure that the Fulani herdsmen are been repatriated back to the North as they can no longer accommodate them in their community, otherwise a full blown war will escalate between them and the Fulani herders.
As of the time of this incident, the monarch of the neighbouring community was the one who stepped in to salvage the situation as the community's monarch is out of town.

Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chinonso Egbo and Nnaemeka Cedars Idogwu
Reporting from Amodu Awkunanaw, Enugu State
For Biafra Writers/TV

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