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Tuesday 26 April 2016



The move by this unknown Ella activist to bring IPOB face to face with Buhari at the ICC is like Joseph dreams coming to pass. Nigeria is a failed country and her government already has eight registered cases against her at this same international criminal court. She should worry about her fate. Rightfully said" ignorance is a disease", and the cure to this Nigerian administration's disease is yet undiscovered. 

How can you say IPOB murdered and buried people in a discovered fifty shallow graves, in a forest in Abia state? You said only five were autopsied and confirmed Fulani with identifications like names, how come? How about the other forty-five corpses as alleged? Who are they? Where are they? Why were they not autopsied and identified too? By the way, things are being represented, can it be that these same corpses are the many missing IPOB members, carried away by the Nigerian military in over twenty Hilux buses at National High School, Aba, where they went to pray for our director's release?

Many have been found ruthlessly murdered, gruesomely perforated with bullets and acidic chemicals. Many have their eyes and hands tied with torn Biafran flags. Thirteen of these corpses were found in borrow pit along Port Harcourt road in  Aba, Abia Stae. Others like this, unfortunately, were dumped in morgues. These killings took place in February 2016. I know we will definitely ask for autopsies and DNA tests reaffirming the alleged slaying, not just five but the whole of them. 

Ella, I hope you are for real and that you have documented pieces of evidence such as videos revealing the actions being carried out as alleged because we do have enormous and overwhelming witnesses against Hitler Buhari and his hitmen.  Pictures and videos don't lie. I want to thank you for hastening this long awaited meeting with the Nigerian president. You have availed us the opportunity to showcase his true nature to the world at large.

I read the part that says IPOB committed crimes against Nigerians, very comical indeed. How can the oppressed, turn to be the oppressors? How can the suppressors become the suppressed? The Nigerian military and police have attacked and killed untrained, unarmed and peaceful Biafrans since October 2015 till date. How has it turned the other way round? Genocide, well planned and organized, has been carried out steadily and still ongoing in Biafra land.

Many have been abducted, incarcerated, executed secretly for just mentioning BIAFRA.  Are we slaves in Nigeria? Did anyone pay for our purchase? Is self-determination not legal? Do we owe our freedom to the Fulani? Do we share boundaries with Fulani? Are we related in any way to them? What are you then insinuating?  How did you come to your conclusions? Has any IPOB member been caught with a gun, even our abducted director has no gun but the truth which he told. 

Your gimmick is a welcome development and we are ready to face your unpopular face in Hague, but be sure you will not get cheap popularity through us and we are not dissuading your efforts because like I said before, it is our dream come true. Buhari has continuously planned to jeopardize our efforts with lies, but the truth has refused to bend. Biafra is our birthright and no entity can deny us that or take that away from us. How can a government condescend so low? You are fighting a lost battle and trying to use crooked means to turn your luck but you are awfully mistaken. We know our rights and stand by it. IT IS BIAFRA OR NOTHING.

Written By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited by Ikechukwu Nwaorisa
For Biafra Writers

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