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Monday 25 April 2016



A civil rights activist, Albert Ella who goes by the name "Obscure Civil Rights Activist" is claiming to have taken Nnamdi Kanu to International Criminal Court [ICC], in the Hague, on  an accusation that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB committed Heinous crimes against Nigerians in a purported discovery of mass graves in Abia State in which a purported 50 persons were buried among which are 5 Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists. On the basis of this, Ella through his lawyer, Edward Omaga of the Graylaw Solicitors filed a criminal complaint against the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB at the ICC. Quite interesting. I hope this Mr. Albert Ella made his findings very well before embarking on this project. I wish to remind him to be mindful of what he is going into. 

I will like to draw the attention of this myopic civil rights activist, Albert Ella, [whom we all know is being sponsored by the pedophile, Muhammadu Buhari] of the case between Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Nigerian DSS, which started with the charge of "belonging to an unlawful society" in the magistrate court and graduated to a "terrorist" charge at the high court Abuja (after losing the case at the magistrate court) and continued to graduate to treasonable felony (after losing the terrorism charge too), which simply indicate that the Nigeria government and her DSS are bunch of illiterates like their president, arresting a suspect without knowing the offense he committed. Up until now, the Nigerian government and her DSS are still running from pillar to post looking for a witness to buy with Nigeria money in order to convict Nnamdi Kanu.


I hope Mr. Ella will not be like the DSS who will abandon its charge after being defeated at the court. We say this because this baseless shameful distractive complaint is most laughable given the gross acts of crime against humanity committed by Buhari and his DSS agents against Biafrans for which they are presently being investigated by the ICC prosecutor now in Nigeria. The question that people should be asking Mr. Ella is, did Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB commit the said crime while he was in the UK prior to his return to Nigeria on the 14th of October, 2015, or while he is being detained and tortured by the DSS? Or better still while in Kuje prison. 

Let us assume Kanu and IPOB committed this crime while he was still in the UK, why did it take the DSS so long to discover crime of such magnitude. On the other hand, if this crime was committed after he arrived in Nigeria and was abducted by the DSS, did the DSS escort him to commit the act since he has been in their custody since October 14th, 2016; if so,  why was he not caught in the act?

Another question for Mr civil rights activist, Albert Ella to answer is, How is it that the governor of Abia state where the said crime was uncovered is not aware of such discovery by the 'gallant' DSS? Why is the Commissioner of police Abia state not aware of this heinous crime which DSS Abuja discovered way back in Abia state? Why is the Nigerian army division in Abia state not aware of this discovery until they read it on the Sun Newspaper? How come the DSS in Abia state debunked the claim of DSS Abuja? All the security outfits in Abia state are all oblivious  and ignorant of this "heinous" crime which DSS Abuja alone know about. 


Where are these 50 other bodies exhumed by the DSS? How come nobody have seen these bodies, not even the chief security officer of Abia State, the governor of Abia state, Okezie Ikpeazu? How come not even one media house witnessed the exhumation of the bodies of 50 men plus 5 identified Fulani herdsmen terrorist? How did the DSS arrive at the conclusion that the IPOB killed these people? Is there any way of knowing the killer of an exhumed body just by looking at the body?  Or did IPOB sign autographs on the dead bodies. The DSS will have to explain how they came up with the conclusion or are they going to depend on a masquerade witnesses again to establish this?

If there are any bodies at all, the lying DSS should do well to let the world see them. Going to the ICC is not the issue, it's substantiating your claims. From the statement of Ella, he claims the unidentified victims were also suspected to be Hausa-Fulani people who are entitled to the right to live as guaranteed under Chapter IV of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights and other international human rights instruments.
He said the victims deserve justice from the ICC urgently. Good. Here "a Daniel is come to judgement". Now we have a civil rights activist in Nigeria who wishes for justice to be done to the "Fulani herdsmen" victims of injustice in Nigeria. 

We, therefore, wish to call the attention of Mr. Albert Ella who goes by the name "Obscure Civil Rights Activist" to the gruesome massacre of over 500 men, women and children of Agatu Village in Benue state few weeks ago, by these same Fulani Herdsmen whom he is seeking justice for. Why is Obscure civil rights activist 'obscured' from seeing anything wrong in the massacre of over 500 people in Agatu village? Are these victims not qualified for justice? In what media platform is your simple condemnation of this act published, not to talk of seeking justice on their behalf? So Mr obscure civil rights activist, you seek for justice on behalf of the purported Fulani herdsmen terrorists, but the 500 souls these same Fulani herdsmen slaughtered in Agatu village do not deserve mention not to talk of justice.

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These same Fulani herdsmen, in Enugu State, massacred a uncountable number of people, razed their houses, kidnapped two Reverend Sisters, raped them to death and abducted a reverend father. Now the surviving villagers live in fear of this Fulani Herdsmen whom you are now in the court seeking justice for. Have you,  Obscure Civil Rights Activist initiated any investigation with a view to bringing perpetrators of this "confirmed heinous crime" the Fulani herdsmen, who are rated as the 4th deadliest terrorists in the world to book?

IPOB was demonstrating and protesting the illegal detention of our leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and Buhari commanded his military to shoot at unarmed protesters. Thousands of IPOB have been massacred all around Biafra land and this obscure civil right activist saw nothing wrong with that. It is quite unthinkable that Obscure Civil Rights Activist took Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB to ICC on behalf of a terrorist group who have been terrorising the entire zoological republic. Be ready to follow this case to conclusion. 

At this point, I wish to remind Mr. Ella to reserve his opinion about those seeking the restoration of Biafra through his purported "due process" as he is not part of the Biafra restoration project neither is he in any position to advise Biafrans in this regard. Mr. Ella should concern himself with his case with Kanu and IPOB at the Hague than to assess if the IPOB is or is no longer the vehicle for the actualization of the “Republic of Biafra”. Mr. Ella with his 'obscure  civil rights activism" have sown the wind, he should be ready to reap the whirlwind.

Nigeria with her DSS is using this charade of a case to institute a distraction to the ICC prosecutors in the country now. Nigeria the biggest Zoo in the world is a shameless country. Even the most stupid propagandists cannot come up with such nonsense. We strongly recommend that the ICC prosecutors be on their guard as Nigeria government who never believe in the course of justice will do everything humanly possible to corrupt them to pervert and twist the course of justice with their overwhelming bribes.

Written  By  Ikechukwu Nnaorisa
For Biafra Writers

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