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Thursday 21 April 2016



The so-called Fulani herdsmen were specially trained for this important 21st-century jihad. Buhari is not only the sponsor of Boko Haram but also at the helm of the Nigeria's Islamization project.  The Fulani cattle herders have been branded the fourth most deadly terrorist organization by a world body. Now they're getting what they want, even more than they wanted. 

We have our Southern Farmlands designated as 'grazing areas' by the House of Assembly. The bill is about to be given assent now. Grasses are being imported for those Fulani herders and why? Because they have the balls to fight while we (Biafrans) engaged in docile civility. They're taking advantage of us. The President, Muhammadu Hitler Buhari has not for once publicly denounced or condemn the activities of these people- his Fulani brethren killing and destroying our crops in the eastern part precisely known as Biafra yet he claimed to be fighting corruption while shouting "change". How sad.

Jonathan, the ex-Nigeria president was chased and rigged out of power by the US and the British respectively. He feared he would be obliterated by the CIA, so he caved in. He should never have accepted the flawed election, but he had to since he was threatened by Hitler Buhari who promised to make his tenure ungovernable and to kill Biafrans again which he did. It's on record. 

INEC colluded with the APC to rig the elections in the North and in favour of Buhari. The African Hitler Buhari was not democratically elected into office as a president of Nigeria, he rigged himself into power with the help of Boko Haram, the British, and Obama. By contrast, Buhari, a Fulani, just under 10 months in government, had the whole of the Nigerian Armed Forces under his command.

Already, Boko Haram, the ethnic militia wing of the Hausa/Fulani, is currently enjoying amnesty and recruitment drive into the Nigerian Armed forces, the Police and the Federal Civil Service under Buhari.
There is a debate about grazing right for the Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria. In due course, Mr. Buhari will ensure this and much more in order to protect and safeguard the welfare and interests of the Hausa/Fulani, first before all others.

Through Buhari's dedication, Fulani people have already secured imported grass from abroad and would shortly be given the right to graze their cattle anywhere and everywhere in Nigeria in other words, killing of defenceless Biafrans at their farms continues, destroying Biafrans crops a means of their livelihood continues, raping of Biafra women and intimidation by the herdsmen with the guns given to them by Buhari to murder Biafrans continues. 

On one hand, Nigeria remaining a unitary state does not favour the people of Biafra . Yet, on the other hand, it does pay the people of the Northern Nigeria remaining the unitary state, which I called hypocrisy. Buhari, a Fulani from the North will ensure the status quo of a unitary state throughout his presidential term because it pays his people. 
For instance, 48 hours after Buhari’s warning to the citizens of Biafra in the Niger Delta area, whom he called "vandals", Nigeria Navy, now under the command and control of Buhari launches a massive operation against the people of the Niger Delta Biafrans. Buhari never spoke against the killing of unarmed Biafrans, neither did he damn the rampage of Fulani herdsmen. Too bad.

In due course, Buhari will start wiping out the youth of Biafra using his herdsmen Boko haram members in army uniform, the same way he killed their parents in 1967-1970. The same way he has been killing peaceful Biafra protesters shortly after he got to power at Anambra state since 2015, till now. I haven't seen where peaceful protesters are being shot to death , it only happened in a damnable entity of darkness called niGERia. 

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, in his quest to restructure Biafra and seek for her independence, opposed and still fighting against the economic and political injustices of his people and was unlawfully tortured and detained by Buhari and the DSS. Very sad indeed.
Light and darkness have nothing in common, Biafrans are the light seeking for the independence of their nation Biafra. We are tired of NiGERia and their corruption, we are tired of their intimidation, we are tired of their killings and threats. 
Self-determination of Biafra is all we seek.

Written By Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia
Edited By Ikechukwu Nwaorisa
For Biafra Writers

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