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Friday 1 April 2016


The Nigerian system is filled with impunity, recklessness, incompetence and mediocrity that are beyond measures. The fact of the prevailing circumstance is that Nigeria would never be workable and should never be expected to be workable even if allowed to exist for another 100 years. This is because, a house that is not built on solid rocks cannot be expected to stand solidly; it would eventually fall. Nigeria is inevitably designed for doom, with a faulty foundation, its destiny is tantamount to failure. When a society is formed on lies, deceits and all manner of despicable attributes, there are tendencies to continue to cover-up these evil attributes. Hence, decades after decades, centuries after centuries, the focal society pays attention alone on ways to continually conceal its inherent evil from the knowledge of posterity.

In other parts of the world where there is a working system, people who have criminal records are prevented from assuming public offices. Those who are allowed to assume public offices are usually people who have sound minds, excellent scholarly, socio-political and educational achievements, people who do not have questionable records of physical, mental and emotional instability. People whose antecedents are ones to reckon with, personalities void of recklessness, criminality, brutality, inhumanity and other kinds of vile tendencies. People who understand vividly that the essence of leadership is primarily for the preservation of life, people who understand how highly important it is to uphold the values of life and therefore would make all frantic efforts to uphold such values.

However, the irony of the Nigerian situation is that it engages in all the negative practices and expects to have a viable system. Corruption and nepotism is acknowledged publicly as an official practice, how does such a society attain viability. Massively dysfunctional, the Nigerian system officially and on a high level, promotes mediocrity, laziness, ineptitude and yet, abhors hard work, meritocracy, competence and healthy competitions. In a functional system, someone with Muhammadu Buhari’s antecedents would definitely be behind bars for his criminal records, but here he is, seated as the president of Nigeria. Such a remarkable show of idiocy can only be experienced in an utterly dysfunctional country such as Nigeria. As hilariously outlandish as it might sound, some citizens of Nigeria do not see anything wrong with this show of shame, because they have been drowned in the ocean of stupidity driven by the fright of the ineptly feudal overlords.

On the 31st December 1983, Muhammadu Buhari led a military coup d’état that overthrew a democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari and subsequently made himself the military head of state. This is a clear act of rebellion and therefore amounts to treason but some Nigerians as condemned slaves, have put all these behind them and have continued to root for the same man who made life unbearable for them. Buhari who has committed more atrocities than any other, has continued proudly to parade himself as the messiah while exterminating those who seek an inalienable right to self-determination.


For the sake of justice, equity and fairness and for the sake of posterity, the world should look into the Biafran matter as a matter of urgency. We urge all people of goodwill, to stand up, speak and act against this injustice by Buhari, Nigeria and its cohorts. As a saying goes, “evil prevails when good people fail to act against evil”. Terrible regrets come when one fails to save a situation within his or her own powers. There’s no better time to do the right thing than now.

Written By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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