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Friday 1 April 2016


It is no longer news in Nigeria, especially for those who depend on Nigerian media outfits for information, that the Director of Radio Biafra and the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra - Nnamdi Kanu, begged the British government to ask President Muhammadu Buhari to release him from prison. Many times, it surprises me why some people choose professions they cannot adequately represent.
Any reader of such headline is urged to make out little time, to go through the content of the letter and see if there is an iota of “begging” by Nnamdi Kanu or his legal representative.

Nigerian journalists are making a jest of journalism in the whole world. One cannot practice a profession he or she cannot represent effectively. Nigerian media houses have once again proven to the world that they are myopic and biased in their thinking. Woe to whoever that is behind this, as it stands now, there is no truth in whatever story they carry. We know that this is a coordinated attack by the Nigerian government, to suppress the truth embedded in the content of the letter. The saddest part was the willingness of the hypocritical media houses, to succumb to the manipulations of the Nigerian dictator and his menions.

It is crystal clear that the Nigerian government is using the media to hide all the atrocities it has
committed. A professional journalist is expected to say the truth at all times and always say it as
it happens. How can a country like Nigeria be so cowardly, that not even a single media house
is seen to be impartial in making and disseminating stories? This is one of the reasons why the international community should look into Nigeria and defend the defenceless, protect the image of journalism, promote obedience to the rule of law and ensure a voice for the voiceless.

Nnamdi Kanu is not guilty and as a reason will not beg anybody for his release. The Nigerian government headed by Muhammadu Buhari, should be plain, transparent and truthful in the court of law, if they have anything against Kanu or should release him unconditionally and not using the media to concoct unprofessional news. The Nigerian media should aspire to becoming more critical of their government like every other journalists from civilized world, rather than a tool for disposing lies to the masses.

The article in question, is a petition written to the U.K government to make them aware or better still bring to their knowledge formally, what is happening in Nigeria and how Muhammadu Buhari is manoeuvring the judicial system in Nigeria. It also went further to notify the U.K government that their citizen - Nnamdi Kanu, has met all requirements. Nigerian government should not allow another crises by its continuous, flagrant disregard to the rule of law.

Written By Jephta Onyedikachi
Edited By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. The Nigeria media is a joke and a huge disappointment to democracy. The Nigerian media – newspapers, journalists, reporters, etc. are all complicit of the lawlessness and corrupt Nigeria we have today. If they know their craft and understood the power of democracy and freedom of press, they would have contributed immensely to the emancipation of Nigeria. They are complicit and all corrupt.


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