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Wednesday 2 March 2016



In Nigeria today, it is obvious to everyone that Ndigbo who used to be the leading figures in all facets of national life, have been conquered. Ndigbo should realise that they have no one to speak for their interest and the sooner they realise this, the better their situation would become. When it comes to national issues, various peoples and tribes are expected to have influential political groups that should be able to command strong political influences in order to occasionally effect beneficial social-political changes as it concerns said people. A group through which the people should be able to communicate their common political interests. For the Northern people, there is the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) among other groups with strong political influence within the Nigerian circle. ACF among other influential northern political groups is usually known for its loudness when it has to do with issues that affect the generality of the Northern people. Within the West, there is the Oduduwa or Odua People’s Congress (OPC) among other political groups that often stands firm on issues concerning the Yoruba people. For Ndigbo, there is absolutely no such group, Ndigbo have become so devastated, politically and otherwise, that they have neither a strong political influence nor a strong group that commands such political influence on their behalf. Incidentally, many think that Ohaneze Ndigbo is a group that fosters the interest and the unity of Ndigbo, but in the real sense, it is regrettably an effective tool for the continued devastation and conquest of Ndigbo. Ohaneze Ndigbo, since its inception, has been regarded as a toothless bulldog and has proven to be so, times without number. The Igbo people as a people vastly blessed, needs to wake up from their destructive slumber and have a rethink as quickly as possible, they must begin to read the hand writing on the wall and to effectively decipher the message, they must realise that it is time to take bold positive steps if they must make progress as a people. First of such steps would be the complete ban and ostracism of the current Ohaneze Ndigbo by the generality of the Igbo people, as they have been planted as subterfuges for the total destruction of the Igbo race.
Ohaneze Ndigbo is a group instituted by the Hausa-Fulani cum Yoruba interest against the general interest of Ndigbo as they do not speak nor act for the interest of Ndigbo and this is evident in their modus operandi. Ohaneze literary implies “The people and the kings” hence, “the people and the kings of the Igbo people (Ohaneze Ndigbo), but unfortunately, there was never a record of Igbo groups that came together to institute the Ohaneze Ndigbo, this is verifiable. They have been instituted by the Hausa Fulanis to answer to the northern oligarchy as they are made up of a bunch of hungry men who are poor in heart and men who have no dignity nor courage, men whose sole interest is on financial and material gains that may come forth from their northern oligarchical masters. They are made up of men who have completely lost the true value and essence of the Igbo tradition -“Eziokwu bu Ndu” and hence do not speak for the interest of Ndigbo. They do not speak nor act against the injustices meted out against Ndigbo in particular and Biafrans in general because they’re courteous as not to offend their northern masters.

Part of Aba and Portharcourt Massacre

Evident to this among other numerous cases, is that a few weeks ago, on the 9th of February 2016, a group of Biafrans gathered for prayer sessions in Aba for the restoration of Biafra but were shot dead in cold blood by the murderous Nigerian army, and no single press release nor public statement was heard from the so-called Ohaneze Ndigbo to condemn the barbaric acts of the terrorist-armed forces of Nigeria. There have been other similar cases in the past where this socio-political group would completely look away even as evil is being perpetrated against its people and would pretend it never happened. Ohaneze Ndigbo is being used as a stooge by the northern oligarchy to undermine the common interest of the Igbo people in particular and Biafrans in general. There have also been numerous reported cases, where they received sums of money from the government to ignore and not speak against the injustices being meted out against Biafrans and they have always lived up to this creed. The sooner the Igbos and Biafrans realise this and banish these men, the better it would become for all Biafrans.
The struggle for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is on-going and only a dubious and corrupt Igbo man without an iota of integrity nor dignity would make utterances against the struggle for the total liberation of the Igboman and Biafrans in general. The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) is championing the course for the total restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and Biafra is made up of other tribes order than just the Igbos, therefore a group of few irresponsible and hungry Igbo men who call themselves Ohaneze Ndigbo cannot and should not be allowed to determine the fate of the entire Biafran people. If IPOB is relentlessly behind the quest for the total restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, then it must have designated officials and hierarchy, therefore any negotiations involving Biafrans should be made through the appropriate channels and with the right IPOB officials. It is completely malevolent and unacceptable to learn that a few dubious elements from Ohaneze claim that they are speaking on behalf of IPOB officials. This is pure deception, it is designed to destabilise the genuine struggle for the total restoration of Biafra and must be disregarded and thrown to the garbage bin. These few selfish individuals also went as far as alleging to be negotiating for the release of Nnamdi Kanu whom they falsely claimed has agreed to quit the Biafran quest, and insinuated that radio Biafra was spreading lies and hate speeches, this is totally unbelievable and no one in their right senses should regard a word from these irresponsible men as they have been mandated and paid to destabilise the genuine Biafran quest.
People need to realise that these group of red-cap imposters in conjunction with their Nigerian cohorts have a mandate to tarnish the image of the IPOB and therefore should be completely disregarded. If an individual says, “I want a different identity separate from another”, that cannot amount to a hate speech. Ohaneze Ndigbo is therefore challenged to identify the record of hate speech which radio Biafra has ever made. Radio Biafra cannot be said to be spreading hate speeches because it is out to expose the atrocities inherent in Nigeria, rather, should be encouraged by all men of good will so as to stamp out the impunity and evil that is Nigeria and to wholesomely restore the sovereign state of Biafra. I leave you with the saying “The only thing required for evil to prevail over good is for good men to remain silent even as evil is being perpetrated”.

Written By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Edited  By  Ikechukwu nwaorisa

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