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Tuesday 1 March 2016



These monsters...OHANAEZE NDI OSHI NA AMA, from every indication have shown us that they have sold out their consciences for a paltry sum, in exchange for the freedom their people cherish so dearly to regain. They hijacked our identity, and spewed rubbish to the Americans who were sent to monitor our agitation for Biafra restoration. They told them we do not need Biafra, and we ask who made the fools our mouth piece?
Can these mad old fools called Ohanaeze tell us what they have achieved as a group? Can they tell us what hate speech they hear on Radio Biafra, and also tell us why they failed to condemn Buhari when he emphatically said that he will kill all Igbos again and again to keep the zoo called niGERia one which ofcourse he is currently doing? What did these fools do when the Yoruba Oba of Lagos threatened to drown the Ibos if Ambode his candidate loses the governorship bid in Lagos. Did the Ohaneze condemn such hate speach? NO, but when Radio Biafra make a statement of fact about the Igbo marginalization, the old decrepit fools will be alive to condemn it as hate speach. 
Can these bunch of vagabonds called Ohanaeze ndi Igbo tell us why they kept quiet when shops belonging to Biafrans were demoslished in Ladipo, Oshodi, and other parts if Lagos?
Can these bunch of fools called Ohanaeze 'ndi furu efu' tell us what action they took, when Fashola deported our people en masse overnight, using trailers used in conveying Cows and animals to bridge head Onitsha?

Can these Hausa slaves called Ohananaeze tell us why they conspired to collect money from the Federal government of Nigeria in other to consent to the burial of our people in mass grave, in Nothern Nigeria, when Boko haram killed thousands of our people 2yrs ago, when they know its a taboo to bury our sons or daughters in foreign land?

Can these bunch of imbecilic fools called Ohanaeze 'ndi nzuzu' tell us why they kept quiet, while the killing of Biafrans in and around Biafra land continued unabated? These people called Ohanaeze 'ndi anumanu' should tell us why they have chosen to become like the Biblical Esau, who sold his birthright over a plate of porridge? Why? Why? Why is Ohanaeze corroborating the zoo 'hate theory' by saying that Nnamdi Kanu preaches hate, but has failed to see that the paedophile, the hausa/fulani in conjunction with their yoruba conspirators have always been in the fore front of exhibiting HATRED against Biafrans? Creating permanent enmity between us and our brothers by fragmenting our people and joining them with other states, and peddling crippling  lies amongst our people that the Ibos hates the Rivers or other neighbouring states and that the Ibos are their problem....which is more hateful? It took the effort and  ingenuity of Nnamdi Kanu to break that jinx and set our people free from that mental slavery which the Hausas and Yorubas put them.
Biafrans must know that these evil men are the ones keeping us in bondage, not the paedophile and neither is it the British. Ohanaeze is the stooge and weapon which is currently been used to keep us as slaves in perpetuity. Ohanaeze must understand that we will never forgive anybody that speak ill or sabotage Biafra restoration project. Never!!!! The Ifeajuna of 1967-70 will never be allowed to resurface again in this struggle. A word is enough for the wise.
Click here for the hate theory story

Written  By Nwosu Chinwendu Silvia
Edited  By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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  1. It is time to begin to revenge the blood of our loved ones murdered because of their greed secretly and openly.


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