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Sunday 14 February 2016


Many people cannot still articulate a simple fact that a country can never work as constituted under a unitary system. I have learnt that law is no respecter of anyone irrespective of his/her status, but in the case of Nigeria the reverse was and is the case. Let me explain. General Mohammadu Buhari is the man that toppled the democratically elected government of Nigeria under Alhaji Shehu Shagari on the 31st of December, 1983, and up until date he is working freely, because Mohammadu Hitler Buhari is above the law. Above Nigeria law.

Nnamdi Kanu in his words said "any proud Nigerian is a rogue", he equally said that Nigeria is a rogue state being governed and controlled by rogue elements. Hitler Buhari the Nigeria president has confirmed that assertion. He once again proved Nnamdi Kanu right during one of his speech abroad when he said Nigerians are Criminals and fraudsters. Since Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and charged for treason for calling Nigeria a Zoo, I expect Buhari to be arrested also for calling Nigerians Criminals but no instead the culprit is walking freely. Is that not hypocrisy? Buhari the 21st Century Hitler emphatically said that Mr. Kanu cannot be released despite numerous court orders that ruled for him to be released. His reason? He said Mr, Kanu brought sophisticated equipment (Transmitter) into the country and started broadcasting for Radiobiafra? The same Buhari says he will only negotiate with the authentic leader of Boko Haram, the number one terrorist group in the world according to world terror index, but will keep Nnamdi Kanu in jail for having two passports, British and Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu

Hitler Buhari, the unrepentant dictator said he will negotiate with Boko Haram, a terror group and one will be wondering the relationship between them. Does it mean that Boko Haram are fighting a just cause by maiming slaughtering, terrorising and wiping out a whole community in the state? Is he trying to negotiate with them for rigging him in to power by causing insecurity and shedding of innocent blood, or is there something Mr President is not telling us. From all indications, it's clear and evident that Buhari is a terrorist and a sponsor of Boko Haram. 
Consequent on that, the dictator in chief, Mohammadu Hitler Buhari of Nigeria has made countless of treasonable felony incitement statements which is worse than what he accused mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari in his words said baboons and dogs will soaked in their blood of if he didn't come out victorious during presidential election in Nigeria. He also said that an attack on Boko Haram terrorists is an attack against the northerners/Arewas which means that Boko Haram is serving the interests of the northerners. He equally said that he will make the government of the ex president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan ungovernable which he actually did. This same Hitler Buhari of Nigeria disobeyed three court orders in a row without the court questioning him. This tyrant Hitler Buhari ordered the massacring of pro Biafran protesters at their prayer ground on the 9th of February, 2016 at Aba Abia State, yet, he wasn't arrested, rather he was busy criss-crossing the globe soliciting for arms to kill Biafrans, to carry out his planed second genocide on Biafrans, while the innocent Nnamdi Kanu who didn't commite any crime is languishing in prison because he seek for only one thing, Biafra independence and the world is keeping mute. If the world want to sit down and watch Biafrans pick up arms, then the unshakable tress will all becomes a target, this is a sound warning to Britain


Alex Salmond led the Scottish secession from the United Kingdom, he wasn't charged with treason or arrested rather a simple referendum was allowed. Nnamdi Kanu is the Leader of Indigenous people of Biafra (ipob) who are agitating for the independence of Biafra. A simple referendum will help to determine if Biafrans wants to secede from Nigeria or not. Not imprisonment and torture. 
Kanu has been in detention since October 14th, 2015. He is not a terrorist, he is not a killer neither is he fighting for resource control. He is only agitating for the sovereign state of Biafra and in long run afford Biafrans with capability to stimulate their own regional economy and encourage full development of the region and create employment, a condition in which virtually all who are able and willing to work will be employed. What is wrong with that.
The continued detention of Mr. Kanu and the subsequent killing of his people is a provocation to IPOB, which also proves Mr Kanu right again that Nigeria is indeed lawless, uncivilized and a zoo.

 MUST READ: [Scroll down to]December 1983 military coup

Hitler Buhari of Nigeria remains the only living or dead Nigerian who has actually committed a treason by removing a legitimate president from power through a coup and not charged. Nigerians are cowards afraid of one old man and swallowing his arrogance and pride. Incidentally, Biafrans are not cowards. We are not afraid of Mohammadu Hitler Buhari. We are pursuing a just course. If anyone must be in prison for treason, it is Buhari not Mr Kanu. Anyone supporting Buhari should first justify "why Hitler Buhari should not be in jail"  before calling for Nnamdi Kanu's head.

Written  By  Anyikwa kelechi cynthia. 
Edited  By  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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