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Sunday 14 February 2016


Dictatorship is a form of authoritarian government in which power is centralized in the hands of the dictator, not limited by laws, constitutions, or other social and political factors internal to the state.
The Dictatorship of General Mohammadu Buhari can only be likened to that of Hitler of Nazi Germany who massacred 6 million Jews between 1941-44 just as Buhari is complicit in the massacre of over 6 million Biafrans between 1967-70 and is poised to do so all over again having mobilised his Killer squads all around Biafra land. This is why we call him The Modern day Hitler. His insatiable thirst for Biafrans' blood could only be likened to that of Adolf Hitler, repressing and suppressing anyone who dares condemn or speak against him, resulting in the denial of freedom of speech, press, protest and religion. This modern Hitler's Government is considered the direct opposite of democracy.

Since this Hitler Buahri was elected, human right abuses have become characteristic of Nigeria polity on the one hand the atrocities of Boko Haram terrorists against the population, on the other. Indiscriminate arrests, torture, extra-judicial detention and killings, extortion and violence committed by the military and police have become an everyday phenomenon. Finally the massacring of innocent unarmed Biafrans protesting peacefully, around Biafra land in solidarity with their leader Nnamdi Kanu by the police, army and navy has gone down in history that Nigeria is the only country where the government violets the rights of the citizen with impunity.

As a result of the extrajudicial slayings of dozens of unarmed Biafran protestors by the Nigerian military these past two months in at least three well documented incidents (see what happened on the 9/2/2016) and the detention of scores of others, IPOB made an Official Press Release activating the right of Biafrans to self defense and formation of Biafra self-defense units to protect peaceful demonstrators and independence advocates.
Hitler Buhari has rejected calls to release all Biafran prisoners including Nnamdi Kanu and Benjamin Onwuka. He has also refused to consider a peaceful referendum on the future of Biafra and the stand down of his armed forces in Biafra land. The Government of Muhammadu Hitler Buhari is dangerously pushing the Biafrans to the wall.
Previously the OEAS had requested EU High Representative Federica Mogherini to use her good offices to facilitate a settlement of this crisis. Ultimately, both Buhari and the EU have failed to address the Biafra issue in good faith.
In the absence of international support or remedy, Biafran patriots have no choice but to mobilize for self-defense or face extermination. 


The Nigerian government has transferred battled hardened Muslim troops from the Boko Haram front to Biafra land with shoot to kill orders. There has also been increased activity by the Nigerian Department of State Security (DSS), with informants and infiltrators targeting Biafra independence groups and preparations for mass arrests of innocent Biafrans.
It is the firm position of IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) that the Biafran people cannot be denied their right to decide if they still wish to be part of the contraption called Nigeria or not in an internationally recognized and organized referendum for independence. Mohammadu Hitler Buhari went to the EU summit preaching and advocating for human right for other peoples of other nations while suppressing human right in his own country. What a hypocrite. Buhari can decide to go ahead and become the Modern day Hitler of our time by going ahead with his plan for a second genocide on Biafrans or rewrite his ugly and filthy history by ignoring the advice of Britain and Obama who are only interested in selling their war weapons than care for the lives of the innocent civilians, just by giving the Biafrans the right to a referendum.

Written  By  Anderline Nkiruka Amamgbo.
Edited  By  Ikechukwu   Nwaorisa

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