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Tuesday 16 February 2016



It is not enough to say that one is repentant of his previous misdeeds. Can one's actions justify it is the issue? Buhari claims he is a repented dictator, is his actions justifying his claims? The popular saying 'actions speak louder than words', has this time taught us bitter lesson. As words of Mohammadu Buhari the African Hitler masquerades his actions.
Ten months in power as a democratically elected president, Buhari portrays a dictator and a HITLER of 21st century. Prior to Nigerian general elections 2015, this man with a heart of revenge and elimination travelled from place to place clamouring for change. Little did the unsuspecting masses notice he has no intentions whatsoever to practice what he preach.
Before gullible minds will think we equate Buhari to Hitler out of sheer hatred, it is paramount to argue our stance. Buhari, power hungry, committed treasonable felony in the 1980s by overthrowing a democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari, just as he did in Melanin free skin [with the name Adolf Hitler] in Germany, 1923, prior to his reincarnation in Africa and consequently turned dictator.


The said democratic messiah's presidential salutation to Biafrans  few month after being elected was the bombing of Calabar and Akwa Ibom killing women and children with Napalm bombs. 
Buhari unapologetic on the holocaust he masterminded at Owerri during the Nigerian-Biafran war[1967-1970], has on several occasions vowed he is ever ready to carry out another genocide on Biafrans. Did Hitler in 1933-1945 have remorse on millions of lives he snapped? Never! It is unsurprising to us as his Boko Haram terrorists conscripted into the Nigeria army has continually since August, 2015 till date been unleashing mayhem on Biafrans at his command.
As a military junta, he arrested Bamidele who he perceived a threat to his coup plots, he jailed and killed innocent citizens. But this time as democratic terrorist, Buhari arrested Nnamdi Kanu, an arrowhead of truth and vows never to release him. He rather released over 2000 Boko Haram terrorists as his terror network.
While Adolf Hitler in Germany transformed Weimar republic into one party dictatorship based with totalitarianism and autocracy, killed over 5.5 millions Jews in Germany. We have seen Buhari turn Nigeria into a one party state, by using corrupt tribunal chairmen in post election cases to nullify governors elections in PDP controlled states; democracy indeed. As we speak, Hitler Buhari, using his Boko Haram soldiers, is laying siege on Biafra land, killing peace loving Biafrans for professing whom they are.


United States acclaimed changed democrat has perhaps forgotten that dialogue is one of the tenets of democracy. Not only has he called for suspension of Nigerian constitution, he ordered the arrest and imprisonment of Biafrans exercising their civil rights rather than calling for dialogue.
It is disheartening that all corridors of power in the world are mute and looks away while another holocaust is being carried out on Biafrans by the 21st century HITLER- General Mahammadu Buhari

Written  By  Christabel Ekebude
Edited  By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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