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Tuesday 26 January 2016


NOSTRADAMUS; The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

5000 years ago, Michael De Nostradamus, the man that saw tomorrow predicted Nnamdi Kanu. He said in the continent of the gun that is Africa at the trigger point of the gun that is BIAFRA LAND, at that point a powerful Prince shall arise, a man of the people, he shall be so powerful, he will subdue his enemies, a black Nation will emerge , a Nation that will take over technology, a black Empire.
Nelson Mandela was a great freedom fighter, but "Nnamdi Kanu" is the Greatest of all. Mr Kanu always stood for the truth for the sake of freedom and emancipation of Biafrans from the shackle of slavery, perpetual servitude and bandage upon all odds irrespective of the consequences.
A great man is known by his stand and mood in terms of trouble, adversities and ugly predicaments. Nnamdi Kanu has shown how great and courageous he is even in the hardest times of life been detained unjustly for no offence is a very awkward experience which no man can smile in such condition but Mr Kanu has proven or rather shown the Nigeria Government that the rain that beats an eagle is just given it a clean bath.
Kanu In Court 
Mr Kanu, yesterday 25 January 2016 appeared in court with a smiling face was tremendous and relief to millions of Biafrans. What a contagious smile filled with enthusiasm and optimism, no wonder they say "smiling is the best makeup to wear" and it rubbishes your enemies to their feet because they expect you to frown and look dejected but merely seeing a smile on his face sends a sharp pain to their hearts. His smile in the midst of agony and sufferings proves he is indeed a true leader by example who do not compromise in times of difficulties, he possess all the Qualities of a good leader which is, Honestly, Diligence, Confidence, Commitment, Positive, Attitude, Creativity, Intuition, Inspire and Approach.  His smile at the court proceedings on 25 January 2016 portrays braveness which Biafrans should emulate to remain resilient, focused and never to give up on Biafra restoration.
The CASE HAS BEEN ADJOURNED TO 29 JANUARY 2016 FOR RULING, and, it is very vivid and well convinced by Justice John Tsoho that Buhari has no case against Mr Kanu and we believe he will do the needful and grant him bail unconditionally come 29th  January 2016.

Written  By   Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia
Edited  By   Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa


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