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Tuesday 26 January 2016



The greatness of leadership is based on something very primitive: the ability to appeal to emotion. Nnamdi Kanu has entered inside the heart, not only Biafrans, but the whole World and has impacted a NON-REMOVABLE love for him and for the Restoration of the Great Nation called Biafra.
The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not brutal; kind but not weak; bold but not overbearing; thoughtful, but not lazy; humble, but not timid; proud, but not arrogant; with humour; but without folly. That's Nnamdi Kanu!
Being a leader is difficult and few can really be one. Nnamdi Kanu has been able to create a relationship with Biafrans, that creates positive changes for themselves and for others, through Motivation, Command and Control, Fearlessness, Determination and Sharing and Co-responsibility in achieving a set goal which is the Restoration of the State of Biafra. Since the arrest of their Leader, IPOB members and Biafrans have never for one day loose hope, instead they kept being resolute, fearless, determined and kept making progress and achievements.
During the hearing ON 25th January, 2016, we saw the Leader of IPOB, Prince Nnamdi Kanu, arriving at the Federal High Court in Abuja, Niger-Area(Nigeria) in a new Attire, where his Bail application was being argued and presented before  Honorable Justice John Tsoho, by his legal team lead by Mr Muoma Chucks (SAN) and Barrister Ejiofor. During the trial, the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP),Barrister Muhammed Diri, who represented the Federal Government and DSS, asked the court to refuse the bail on the grounds that the offence for which Mr Kanu and his co-accused were standing trial was a serious offense.
By serious offense, this Director of Public Prosecution means:
•HAVING A DUAL-CITIZENSHIP ( yet Nigeria, in its Constitution fully recognised and accepts Dual-Citizenship! Ridiculous!)
•IPOB BEING ILLEGAL SOCIETY (when in reality  IPOB represent the Indigenous people of the State of Biafra. It's NOT an Organisation or Association! I'm an Indigene of Biafra, I'm a proud Biafran and IPOB is ME! IPOB represent ME! How can I be arrested for an indigene of place and charged  with belonging to illegal society? Doesn't make sense, does it?
•TREASON CHARGE. How can  the DPP for the Attorney General of a Country, Nigeria define and charge Mr Kanu, IPOB and Biafrans for Treasonable felony, while Biafrans and IPOB have been ALWAYS protesting PEACEFULLY and UNARMED? The demand of Nnamdi Kanu has nothing to do with taking over the Nigeria Government which Buhari did to the government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari on the 30th day of December 1983, rather Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB seek to restore the sovereignty of Biafra which was in existence before the creation of Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu or Biafrans have no interest in Nigeria, Recently, Scotland wanted to secede from the United Kingdom. No body was charged for Treason for that. Catalonia is in the process of seceding from Spain, and no one is being charged with Treason. But Because, Buhari is not literate, and as such doesn't know the legality of the right of Indigenous People for self determination, he is charging Nnamdi Kanu of treason for actually seeking the right of Biafran people for self determination. The United Nations which established the rights of Indigenous People to self determination is watching.  Mr Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB has NEVER killed or damaged anything or anyone, yet wicked and evil President Buhari and his puppet DSS have been killing innocent peaceful and unarmed IPOB and Biafrans on a daily basis.
The DPP also told Justice Tsoho that if granted bail, Mr Kanu would interfere with witnesses and evidence. The reason the DSS and DPP never found any evidence after 4 months of detaining him illegally and extra-judicially to support their stupid and nonsensical poor charges against Mr. Kanu, is because they weren't any! Nnamdi Kanu has not contravened any known Nigerian law and there will never be any charge against him that will hold. Having heard the two parties, the Judge, Hon Justice John Tsoho, fixed the ruling on the bail application for Friday January 29th 2016.
We wish to remind Hon Justice John Tsoho, that Mr Kanu's case have become INTERNATIONAL and WORLDWIDE. World Leaders, UN, EU, International News Media are watching and following the proceedings, to see if you'll make justice prevail in Nigeria, by granting Nnamdi Kanu a Bail and free him immediately and unconditionally, or subordinate yourself to Buhari's Dictatorship, playing his dirty and evil game by sentencing him unjustly. The Nigeria Judicial system is not immune to the high level corrupt practices pervading the entire strata of the Nigeria government, but Hon Justice John Tsoho has a duty and obligation to set a precedence that the world will see and applaud the Nigeria Justice System.
● The illegal arrest and detention is a crime against personal freedom. Prince Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested and detained illegally and extra judicially for over 3 months by Nigerian DSS.
● Biafrans have the right to freedom  of thought,Speech and religion, freedom of association, assembly and form themselves into movements. Biafrans and IPOB, as Indigenes, have the Right to fight and seek for their freedom and Restore their Nation, Biafra, The right for Self determination is a UNIVERSAL LAW!  It is valid for Biafrans as well.
● Political rights that protect the freedom to participate in political life through freedom of expression, to protest, to vote and to assume public office rights of habeas corpus that protect against abuse by the judicial system such as imprisonment without trial (the Nnamdi  Kanu and IPOB case is an example) or so-called secret process, or excessive punishment
What could be the sin of this little girl to be shot dead by the
Boko Haram Nigerian soldiers recruited by Buhari?
● Right of life. See how innocent, unarmed and peaceful Biafrans protesters are massacred and killed by Nigerian Police, Army, and Navy sent by Buhari. They kill  young, old, children going to school, and women as well
● Freedom from Slavery
● The right of Freedom from torture. Nigerian DSS tortured Nnamdi Kanu for almost 4 months, physically, mentally and Psychologically, forcing him to eat and drink what he doesn't want to eat and drink. They also made him to sleep on bare floor with no mattress for more than 3 months. Nigerian Police and Army have also harassed and arrested innocent Biafrans for no reason.
The UN has recognized that, with the exception of so-called non-derogable human rights - the four most important are the right to life, the right to freedom from slavery, the right to freedom from torture and the right of the impossibility of retroactivity ' prosecution - and Buhari has literally VIOLATED all this fundamental and most important rights of Biafrans and Nnamdi Kanu!
Buhari, is a tyrant and uses Threats, Violence, Intimidation, Killings, Fraudulent, Corruption and Foolishness as a key formula for governance. Despite all these, Nnamdi Kanu continue to remain fearless before our enemies.

Written  By   Anderline Nkiruka Amamgbo.
Edited  By   Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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