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Wednesday 22 February 2023

Biafra-RE: The Institute For Economics And Peace Should Be Aware That Wrongful Tagging Is Insufferable, And The Consequence Immutable

  Biafra-RE: The Institute For Economics And Peace Should Be Aware That Wrongful Tagging Is Insufferable, And The Consequence Immutable

The Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), ably founded and led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, have one goal. This goal is the total emancipation of Biafra from the British enclave(Nigeria). Since inception there is never any confusion about the pro-democracy nature of IPOB, given the movement's insistence on the conduct of a United Nations supervised referendum for the Biafran people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, through his broadcasts on Radio Biafra, has meticulously been educating the world community, drawing their attention to the myriad of man imposed sufferings bedeviling the Biafran people. He set up Radio Biafra to prevent gaslighting and cognitive warfare against Biafrans, just as he encouraged every Biafran to embrace freelance journalism; an effort to prevent others from telling our story with half lies or without truth at all.

The lies the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC), the propaganda arm of 10 Downing Street told against the Biafran people left an indelible damage for which the Biafran people are surviving through sheer ingenuity. For memory refreshing and record purpose, the 1965 election in Nigeria threw up a political disagreement in the Western Region. Earlier disagreement in Action Group between the leader, Obafemi Awolowo, and the deputy leader, S.L Akintola degenerated into an uncontrollable fiasco that devolved into a political firestorm. The Prime Minister, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was accused of picking sides before a military coup d’etat of January 15, 1966. Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu, an Igbo officer led other officers who are mostly non-Igbo, including Fulani, Kanuri, Yoruba, Ijaw, Hausa, etc to a coup that unfortunately resulted in the death of the Balewa and others. However, the British government through the BBC Hausa Service spinned off what was clearly a military interruption into a tribal hatred of Igbo people in particular and Biafrans in general. The BBC spread hate speech and disinformation nonstop, until so many Biafran people; including pregnant women, children and elderly died in a pogrom, and another over 3.5 million in a genocidal war that subjected over 2 million children into starvation.

The Institute for Economics and Peace(IEP) is aware of the above facts but choose to play the ostrich. The IEP is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Their mission statement indicates that they 'aim to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about peace'. In other words, they prefer to create an illusion of peace by monetizing peace to the highest bidder. This they will do by projecting a victim of say Fulani herdsmen violence as an aggressor, for not having the capacity to give economic incentive, while portraying the killers as victims. It is very much the same way the World Economic Forum(WEF) is leading the world to socialism but lying on their website with a false claim of pursuing an improved world economy. Or the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change parroting democracy and ignoring human rights abuses as if democracy is not simply measured by the respect for human rights.

These fake Think Tanks have proven to be nothing but partisan establishments for purpose of spewing propaganda against the indigenous People. In this case, the Indigenous People of Biafra. A direct consequence of their ill intended disservice to humanity is a total loss of influence over time.

A case study is the apartheid South Africa government that is now dead and only remembered for academic exercise. The apartheid South Africa government wrongfully tagged Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress(ANC) a terrorist organization, and jailed Mandela. The apartheid South Africa government was under the control of white minority referred to as Boer with Dutch, German and French ancestry. At some point, when the world decided to wake from slumber, the needful was done: Mandela regained freedom while ANC became a national party. The unavoidable consequence for the apartheid government was a natural death.

Recently, the new speaker of the United States of America House of Representatives, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Republican California, and members of his party passed a resolution to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar, Democrat, Minnesota, from her Foreign Affairs Committee assignment. Ms. Omar was taken to the USA as a child from the war-torn Somalia but the American dream has transformed her into a congresswoman. Rep. Ilhan Omar made anti-Semitic tweets by labelling Israeli government an apartheid regime and claimed that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is influencing US Congress by offering money to members. A claim rejected by even members of her party. Israelis and/or Jews are indigenous to their land. It makes no sense to accuse people defending themselves from foreign invasion as apartheid, just as it makes no sense for IEP to accuse IPOB of masterminding the killing of the people they have taken bullets for demanding their freedom.

Any reference to the Jews as apartheid was intended to water down the savageous treatment blacks passed through in the hands of the Boers, and to put Israel in bad light. She even displayed her disdain for America by listing US government together with terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. Her removal from her high profile committee assignment is a reminder that wrongful tagging is insufferable and the consequence immutable.

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra in her rebuttal to IEP, wondered why the organization did not mention the Fulani herdsmen even with all the chronicled massacre they left across Nigeria. That they neither called out Nigeria, Kenya and United Kingdom governments for the extraordinary rendition of a British citizen of color, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, nor criticized Nigeria government for refusing to heed the advice of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, which advised an 'unconditional release and compensation', tells you all you need to know about them.

The IEP could not demand answers for why a discharged and acquitted man by Nigeria’s Appeal Court is still being tortured by Nigeria government’s Department of State Services (DSS). Instead, the IEP is dabbling into frivolities. As made clear by IPOB, the IEP is in a constant nosedive that will lead to irredeemable oblivion. That is one of the consequences of their ill-fated action and foolishly being under the control of woke progressive white elites who sees everything as business.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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