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Wednesday 11 May 2022

Nigerian govt is culpable of 'End SARS,' and its belligerent aftermath

May 11, 2022

By Eluwa Chidiebere |For Biafra Writers

As former US president John F. Kennedy would say; "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable".

Police brutality, extortion, harassment and overwhelming shreds of evidence of extra judicial killings by the Nigerian millitary; including the high-handedness, lootings, severe embezzlement of public funds by the political class in Nigeria, gave rise to the far-famed protest called 'End SARS'.

On Thursday, October 8, 2020, a well organized and coordinated nationwide protest started as a result of the youths being fed up with the corrupt nature of the country. The protests were engineered by young Nigerians (mostly scholars) lecturers, businessmen and women, celebrities, the clergy, et cetera.

The aim was to register their resentments through a civil means. They listed their grievances, hoping the government would look into it. It was a nice and the only peaceful approach to changing the corrupt Nigerian system since the young have been denied a seat in the leadership of the country.

In response to their outcries, it was barbarian to have had the government authority crackdown, massacre a good number of unarmed protesters. The latter went back home to nurse their wounds. 

However, that was never the end as thought by the government. Of course, resistance to a peaceful revolution gives birth to a violent one.

The said protesters comprising of many university students and lecturers, some who are science inclined, computer literates and some well read in the field of economics. Imagine the fate of a country when such talents decide to rest their anger on the country. 

It was not a shock when the phenomenon, "unknown gunmen," surfaced just few months after the massacre of unarmed protesters at the Lekki tollgate, Lagos, Nigeria. The modus operandi of the so-called unknown gunmen mean a lot.

The Armed Forces of Nigeria are their target. The millitary that massacred them at Lekki Tollgate during the ENDSARS protests. Presumably, it could be a payback time, courtesy of the protesters.

But, as expected, Nigerian government is heaping accusations of the violent activities in the country, upon IPOB. Time shall tell.

PUBLISHED BY: Offor Princewill A.

EDITED BY: Onuikpe Chikwas

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