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Friday 28 January 2022

SPECIAL REPORT: Ebonyi Farmers In Jubilation Over The Return of Tranquility in Farmlands

Akubumma Princewill | Biafra Writers

January 28, 2022.

Before the emergence of Eastern Security Network ESN, established in December of 2020 by the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, various farmlands across Eastern Nigeria were a slaughter ground for the killer Fulani herdsmen.

Many innocent and unarmed citizens engaging in agricultural practices have lost their precious lives at the hands of the marauders who usually invade farmlands with their cattle, destroying crops, pillaging, raping and cutting the throat of farmers. This discouraged farming and injected hunger in the land as farmers cringed at the thought of going to farm.

The emergence of Eastern Security Network, ESN, has however put the situation in check. The ESN has been confronting the terror-inflicting herders head-on and today there is a relief in the land.

Biafra Writers Correspondence was on ground to interview many farmers across Ebonyi – from Afikpo to Amasiri, and from Onicha-Igbeze to Uburu, from Okposi to Isu and in the other communities in Ebonyi.

The farmers were all smiles and full of praises to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra who graciously launched the ESN, but wondered why the state government did not bathe an eyelid over the spate of killings over the years in Ebonyi farmlands irrespective of the taxes that are being paid by the citizens as well as the security votes they have been receiving quarterly for this purpose.

Here are the Testimonies of Some Farmers We Interviewed:

Mrs. Gladys Nwivuru has this to say "Nwa m, I don't know how to show my profound gratitude to Commander, Nnamdi Kanu, who heard our cries and came to our rescue."

Biafra Writers Correspondence (BWC): he is not called ‘Commander.’  He is 'The supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.'

Mrs. Gladys Nwivuru: "Nwa m, of a truth I would like to be addressing him as 'Commander Nnamdi Kanu' because he is truly 'Ochiagha ndi Igbo.' He has done what no leader has ever done for his people since I was born".

BWC: thank you Ma for that knew tittle.

When asked about her experience in the farm for the past one year, Mrs. Rosemary Akpa had this to say:

“As you can see, this is my cassava farm, you can see how the leaves are very greenish and the stem very healthy. We do not experience any invasion of cattle in our farms any longer since we now have Biafran police guarding our farmlands day and night. Also take a look at that rice field over there, it belongs to my husband, you can see how people are harvesting it with joy and gladness. This is because our peaceful farming has returned since Nnamdi Kanu brought the boys who are making sure we don't cry anymore in our farms."

BWC: The boys are not Biafran police. They are called Eastern Security Network, ESN. Their job is to see that farming activities should continue in the entire eastern Nigeria without molestations.

Mrs. Akpa: Ok, I now understand their real name. Daalu nwa m.

BWC: Can you tell us how many bags of rice your husband has harvested so far this season?

Mrs. Akpa: In the past, when ndi Fulani used to destroy our crops, we used to harvest only 5 bags and, that's if you have a big farmland. But if your rice field is small, you will not get even one bag. But now my husband already harvested 23 bags the other day, and by the evening of today, when the harvesters are done, we will get another 12 bags from this very farm also.

BWC: that's lovely. Thank you Ma.

When asked to compare his current experience in the farm with that of the past years, Mr. Julius Nwangwugwu returned, “ I can't explain how hefty and proud my heart is towards Ohamadike ndi Biafra. He has put smiles on the faces of farmers in Ebonyi and in Igbo land today because of this good work. Let me take you to my make-shift barn here in the farm for you to understand what I am saying properly."

He then led us to a corner in the farmland where he built a dwarf fence made with bamboo sticks and palm fronds and showed us plenty yams he has harvested so far. "My son, as you can see, these are the yams I harvested from this farm land. They are very healthy and big. This is because no pest or cattle entered here to destroy it as it used to happen in the past due to the presence of our Biafran farm and forest guards, the ESN, and I don't know what to use to say thank you to Ohamadike Biafra and to those brave boys."

BWC: Sir, if you meet Ohamadike Biafra one on one right now, what will you do?

Mr. Nwangwugwu: That will be a dream-come true because I have been wishing to meet him someday. I will pound fufu with the best yam species here for him and will ask my wife to prepare him 'ofe Achara with enough bush meat and palm wine to wash it down.

ALL Broke into laughter.

At Onicha-Igbeze, another farmer, Mrs Bridget Mabam, said,

"we are so happy because God of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has answered our prayers. As you can see, there's no man here with us in this farmland when you people came in. this is because we now have peace all around us in the farms unlike before when we must come to the farm with men to guard us and still will not have a relaxed mind. Of a truth, God Almighty, Chukwu Okike Abiama, will continue to guide and protect our Saviour Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for us. Just take a look at our cassava farm, how it blossoms and how the leaves are waving in joy to our God".

In Isu Echara, Mr. Chukwu Nkwoagu told us, “Anybody who sees Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should please greet him for me and buy him a drink in my name, I will pay double. He has done what no governor or politician has ever been able to do for us since the death of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. He is indeed a God sent and heaven and earth upon which we stand will continue to keep him for us."

BWC: So tell Biafrans and the world how you feel going about your farming today.

Mr. Nkwoagu: My brother, we can now sleep over in the farm if we are to plant some seeds that requires early morning dew to blossom, we no longer have any fear because God in his infinite mercies has intervened through these wonderful boys, the ESN. As you can see by yourself, my crops are doing well and the ones to be harvested are very plenty. Between January 2021 and this January of 2022, I have recovered almost all the money I lost in farming in the previous years due to the fact that we no longer see the Fulanis that have become thorns in our flesh in the previous years.

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

PUBLISHED BY: Offor Princewill A.

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