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Friday 23 October 2020

Nigeria: [Lekki Massacre]: Uncovered Agent Of British Secret Service In-Charge Of Nigeria

Nigeria: [Lekki Massacre]: Uncovered Agent Of British Secret Service In-Charge Of Nigeria

By Umeh A.Chiemelie | Biafra Writers

October 23, 2020

The British Secret Intelligent Service [ MI6], has been drafted to the Nigerian defence headquarters, how come in a sovereign independent Nigeria; Nigeria still remains a British government colony?. It is no longer a secret that the British government maintains a proxy imperial system of government in Africa in this twenty-first century, British government interference in Nigerian government affairs is the cancer strain eating Nigeria up. British government are the ones controlling the levers of power in Nigeria. 

The British government is doing everything possible to stop the revolution taking effect and shape in today's Nigeria, the world must understand that the British High Commissioner to Nigeria - Mrs. Catolina Liang, was a former British government international spy. Mrs. Catolina Liang tipped her local collaborators in Nigeria, the likes of Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu - former governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo Olu - the current Lagos State governor, and the Fulani cabals about the effect of these protests to the image of Nigeria in the global community, this was what led to the Lekki toll gate massacre of October 20, 2020.

Immediately this British Mission in Nigeria - Mrs. Catolina Liang discussed and informed few individuals within the Nigerian government or persons that have access this current APC administration of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari on the implications of these protests to the detriment of Nigeria and British government interest in Nigeria, the Nigerian military were unleashed to tame the protesters with brute, force and violent. The individuals and arms of governmets mentioned earlier on are persons, and organizations responsible for the shooting of the peaceful protesters at Lagos toll gate which led to the deaths of many Nigerian youths while others sustained bullet wounds and varying degrees of injuries.

The British government has been holding the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria down for over four to five centuries, starting from the late 17th to early 18th century the British government merchants advancement to West Africa. For how long will Britain continue to sit on the future of the Nigerian youths?. Britain is the source of today's Nigerian problems, therefore, for the youths to live in a sane clime like humans, the Nigerian youths must take this battle back to them. British government mission in Nigeria - Mrs. Catolina Liang and her parent country are directly responsible for the toll gate massacre.  

Peaceful protests that has galvanized and mobilized the young people of Nigeria has turned into a bloody revolution that saw to the killing of over 200 young men and women across the country thanks to - Mrs. Catolina Liang - The latest Governor General to Nigeria. The blood of these innocent protesters is in your hands. She was the one that engineered Ahmed Bola Tinubu to use thugs on the peaceful protesters. It is crystal clear that Mrs. Catolina Liang is directly responsible for the deaths of many young Nigerian youths across the board. The British government since her creation of Nigeria has been using every possible means to divide us along ethnicity and religious sentiments, from indirect rule system to tagging a National Revolution which the British government backed to be an Igbo coup, this wanton in character led to the killing of over five million Biafrans.

The British government has been backing all successive military regimes in Nigeria. Britain is responsible for all the false census results and election rigging in Nigeria. Britain enjoys the impoverishment of the young people in Nigeria. It is to British government best interest that Nigeria remain down forever. What did Nigerians did to them?, What is youths offense to declare they be massacred like Christmas goats?. Peaceful protests across the Nigerian board that united all Nigerian youths to speak with one voice and one mind has unsuccessfully been tagged again an Igbo revolution by some paid misguided agents of the British government.

This was same way and manner they tagged the 1966 military revolution, an Igbo coup. The British government through her useful tool of churning out falsehood - the BCC, reported it to be an Igbo coup, the British government should know and understand perfectly well that 1966 is not 2020. They tried raising leaders among the revolutionaries to  quell the protests, they failed. They tried thuggery it failed, they massacred our comrades , it emboldened the Nigerian youths the more; now they want to play the religious and ethnic card, it will not work out for them.

The youths are conscious of your schemes and evil devices. Great Britain will suffer. British government will be the biggest loser at the end of this revolution. The British government atrocities in Nigeria will come back to Britain ten folds. All the evil mechanation the British government wish the young people of Nigeria will return back to them. The blood of innocent Nigerians Britain has been spilling from time immemorial will speak against the British government and hunt her empire down, t will lead to the ultimate collapse of the United Kingdom.

To the awoken and conscious youths of Nigeria, we applaud your zeal to fight on. "The legendary class of 2020". The most formidable progressive force in Africa currently. The most empathetic young people on the face of the planet. You  have done what no other generation has been able to accomplish in the history of Nigeria. You have successfully humiliated the forces that has been putting the Nigerian youths down for ages. They were desperate to subdue the Nigerian youths but the Nigerian youths have successfully proven to them that something good can come out of Africa. We have held this revolution thus far. We can not allow the devices of the British government to divide us now. Nigerian youths should be wiser and smarter. The Nigerian youths protesting in the streets of Nigeria are not revolting against the Yoruba race, Middle Belt, Hausa nor are they revolting against the Igbo in Nigeria.

The Nigerian youths are revolting against a system that has been perpetually designed to impoverish the youths for ever and ever, the evil system was orchestrated by the British government middlesomeness in the affairs of Nigeria which is currently been advanced by the reincarnation of Flora Shaw to Mrs. Catarina Liang. We cannot allow these people to continue to divide us. Nigerian youths must reject in it's entirety the ploy to divide us along tribal and ethnic lines. The youths have reached a point of no return.This is a critical time in this revoluion. We have to prove to these people that we are more united than they can imagine. The eyes of the world is on us.
History will be kind to us, young people like us all over the world is watching and observing, they want to learn from the outcome of our resolve to ending bad governance in the African system. Impoverished people around the world wants to learn a new system in collapsing the neo-colonial and imperialistic structures from their nations. Nigerian youths can't afford to fail. God is on your side, history is on your side as well, your future is in your own hands, your destiny is before you to grab it. We must remain focused and united for our unborn children.

We must direct this battle to our real enemy- the British government, they want to divide us, let us take the revolution to them. Mrs. Catolina Liang - the Nigerian latest Governor general must come out to adreess the Nigerian youths because we observed with keen interest her government middlesomeness in the current protests ravaging the country. The Nigerian youths asked for a state address from the current impostor Yusuf Muhammed parading himself to be Gen.Muhamadu Buhari. Nigerians got the speech but were speechless. Madam Governor General - Mrs. Catolina Liang is the next person that must adreess Nigerians to declare the British government stand over her secret middlesomeness in the Nigeria affairs to extinct the youths. Her silence can no longer be condoned. Mrs. Caltolina Liang must as a matter of urgency address the Nigerian youths for they have refused to be divided by the British government antics.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle:@NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 

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