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Friday 23 October 2020

Biafra: Delaying The Peaceful Dissolution Of Nigeria Will Spell Doom

Biafra: Delaying The Peaceful Dissolution Of Nigeria Will Spell Doom 

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

October 24, 2020

Now that the yoke has fallen off from the people's eyes, it is better to accept the situation the way you people see it or risk been driven out. The deed has been done and cannot be reversed. Failure to heed to this advise will spell doom for the Fulani race in Nigeria in no distant time. Fulani since setting her foot in Nigeria has had been a parasite to her host.

The Fulani race in Nigeria has been the willing tool for the European British government whose mission has been to keep Africa in bondage and perpetual slavery. The British government pretended to have left Nigeria in 1960 with a false flag of Independence, but their presence is prevalence in today's Nigeria which is so interwoven through the migrant Fulani race. 

Other powerful countries of the world have also found their way into Nigeria through the most minority migrant group called the Fulani. Recently, is China. The infiltration of these scavenging countries to Nigeria has brought nothing but tears, agony and humiliation to the common people from the majority groups in the country. 
The influence of these powerful countries has created an international silence whenever the Fulani tribe carries out their dirty acts; it has been a game of rub my back and I rub your back between the Fulani tribe in Nigeria and other powerful countries in the world at the detriment of the Indigenous ethnic groups in the country. 

Like visitors they are, they act as people who have not come to stay but to harvest the goodies therein, using every means possible to advance their goal of subjugation of the Indigenous ethnic majority groups. Even if it requires selling the country, they are ready because to them Nigeria has never been a home created for them by the British government. A nomadic race does not have a home, they are always on the move. 

Isn't it amazing that in today's Nigeria the world has turned around for the Fulanis, they have deceitfully and successfully installed their emirship all over the North Nigeria against the aborigin Hausa Indigenous kingship turning the Indigenous Hausa man to a slave in his ancestral land; as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would say, Fulanis are very smart to play on your stupidity and enthrone themselves as your leaders.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has awakened the conscience of the Fulani oppressed majority groups in Nigeria to rise up in one accord and send this invading nomadic Fulani back to where they came from. 

The IPOB leader has spent years appealing to the conscience of the subjugated and brainwashed wider population of Nigeria to reason well. Today, we see the Yoruba majority group in Nigeria coming out clear and resolute for the dissolution of the contraption put together by a foreigner, white man called Fredrick Lugard and his harlot girlfriend named Flora Shaw. The Yoruba nation that would have become another civilize Nation like what is obtainable in. Europe or North America in Africa has for long been brainwashed to believe that without the Igbo race that they can never progress. An Insolence to a vibrant race like the Yoruba. 

Today the Middle Belt as hypocritically referred to, has risen up to plan for a beautiful future for themselves rather than following the dictates of a backward and intellectually starved minority ethnic group like the Fulani. Kwararafa sounds more African than Middle Belt.  The Fulani minority ethnic group should on time, borrow a leaf from Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. Failure to do this, they will be decimated by the valor of the majority indigenous ethnic nationalities that constitute what is known to be Nigeria. Enough is about to be enough and only the wise can read the hand writing on the wall.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 

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