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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Buhari Came to Power Through Terrorism

February 5, 2020

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

Around the globe, people have been wondering how Nigeria became a state where ruffians are made and allowed to patrol the cities wrecking havocs while the government treats them with glove.

While Goodluck Jonathan – a southerner – occupied Nigeria’s seat of power, Muhammadu Buhari (now the president) threatened to make the country ungovernable. Like joke, the activities of Boko Haram skyrocketed beyond imagination thereafter. It did not come as a surprise therefore when this same Muhammadu Buhari was named by Boko Haram to negotiate with the Jonathan administration on their behalf.

As Jonathan disclosed in his book titled “My Transition Hours,” the selfish ambitions of some governors (Abdulfatah Ahmed, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Murtala Nyako, and Aliyu Wamakko) in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who later defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, is one of the reasons he lost his re-election bid. A look at the activities of the governors that defected lends credence to the fact that terrorism in Nigeria is a northern affair.

In 2014, while receiving partisans of Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, in his Kaduna residence,  Buhari had said, “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog, and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.”  He even referred to Boko Haram members as his brothers.

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President Buhari claimed that the Fulani Herdsmen killing Nigerians are not Nigerian Fulanis but foreigners from Libya and other neighboring countries. Yet, he wants to make entrance from such countries visa-free. By implication, he is giving the killer-herdsmen a free hand to enter and kill more Nigerian citizens. Who is fooling who?

One would have thought that the APC party will stop their boys (Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen) after gaining power. To continue with the mayhem after ushering in their arch funder (Muhammadu Buhari) into Aso Rock shows that the jihadists have another goal – total conquest of the country.

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This APC government released Boko Haram members apprehended by Jonathan's administration and now has integrated them into the Nigerian army. A government that has never been mean to terrorists is a terrorist government. This APC government came in through terrorism. Its body language speaks volumes.

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Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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