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Thursday 30 January 2020

Nigeria: The Complete Transformation of Boko Haram into Islamic Jihad Army

File Photo: Buhari and Buratai with Boko Haram flag

January 31, 2020

By Christopher O Evans | For Biafra Writers

At its inception Boko Haram targeted education. The terror group was convinced that western education is the worst evil imaginable. And the group's name derived from anti-western education name. The word “boko' means 'education' – western education here implied. 'Haram' means 'evil'. Thus Boko Haram means Western education is evil, or abominable.

With such concept in mind, they attacked educational institutions and all perceived products of western education. They cared not if one was a Christian or a Muslim. They abduct people – particularly school children and try to reeducate them in pure Islamic cultures. They attack government institutions, police posts, churches, markets, and even mosques.

And why do they attack mosques? They believe Muslims have greatly compromised the faith, having given in to western education and as a result, are failing to exert dominant control over the country. They have allowed infidels (Christians) foothold on political power, having allowed two Christian presidents to rule the country almost in a succession (Obasanjo and Jonathan). That was perceived as weakness on the part of Muslims. Hence Boko Haram emerged and sought to take over the country, establish true Islamic caliphate and reeducate citizens in Islamic laws and culture.

And Buhari was all for that. If ever he had issues with Boko Haram it is that the sect had no discrimination in their targets. It targeted everyone in sight, exploding bombs everywhere, even in mosques. Boko Haram was doing this to show their displeasure with the Muslim ummah for allowing infidel leadership for 13 years (Obasanjo 8, Jonathan 5). The worst of it all is the emergence of Ihejirika – a man from an outlawed tribe – as a General in the army, subsequently rising to become the chief of army staff, a position that allowed him to direct war against Boko Haram. As you know, Igbos were never allowed to reach the peak of military ranks in the Nigerian army. As they get to the level where they could be promoted to the top rank, they are immediately retired. Jonathan, out of naivety allowed an Igbo to break that ceiling and even become head of the armed forces. Alex Badeh and some other Christians led the ranks. It seems the cabal were losing grip on power. Jonathan had allowed due process to run its course. They had to do something quickly. So the activities of Boko Haram became intensified.

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Soon as Buhari took over he wasted no time in correcting what was perceived as problems. He ensured all heads of the military are Fulani Muslims. All heads of security agencies are Fulani Muslims. 90% of all federal appointments are Fulani Muslims. Many even are his close relatives.

Having first filled all important positions with his people (as demanded by Boko Haram) he then sent a list of ministerial portfolios to the senate. Igbos and other people of southern Nigeria were urged to be patient that the president still has many vacancies to fill.
Then he ordered the military to stop killing Boko Haram. Recall he had attacked former president Goodluck Jonathan while the latter pressed the battle against Boko Haram. He had said “killing Boko Haram members amounts to a declaration of war against the north.” I don't want to connect recent issues where SARS operatives raised alarm that men of the Nigeria military opened fire at them as they launched attack against Boko Haram. I don't even want to also mention Wadume, a notorious kidnapper arrested in the northeast early last year. The police moved him in handcuffs but got attacked by men of the Nigerian army who killed the police officers and released Wadume. Police have since rearrested Wadume, but the case is being handled in absolute secrecy. Truth is Wadume was not just a kidnapper, he was an agent of the cabal ruling Nigeria today. He is a hit-man on the government payroll. Soon as he was rearrested he alleged he worked for the government and was recently paid N13m for his services during 2019 elections.

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Today Boko Haram no longer attacks mosques, police posts, or markets. They no longer abduct or kill Muslims either. They target only Christians now. The concept has changed from “western education is evil” to “death to all Christians.”
Today Boko Haram no longer attacks mosques, police posts, or markets. They no longer abduct or kill Muslims either. They target only Christians now. The concept has changed from “western education is evil” to “death to all Christians.”
The greatest achievement of Buhari’s presidency is that he successfully transformed Boko Haram from fighting against education, educational institutions and products of western education to a full loaded jihad army with one aim – total extermination of Christians. Just recently Rev. Lawan Andimi, CAN chairman, Michika Local government, was abducted and beheaded by Boko Haram. This week a Christian university student, Ropvil, was abducted on his way to class. He has been murdered too.

Report has it that Boko Haram now stops passenger buses, identify Christians and either kill them on the sport or take them away. Muslims get back in and move on. It wasn't so before Buhari came on board. As part of the deal with Boko Haram, Buhari government is freeing hundreds of Boko Haram commanders detained by the very naive Jonathan government. Many of them are being planted into the security services and given rapid promotions. Others are fused into Fulani militias otherwise known as Fulani herdsmen. Both Boko Haram and Fulani militias are now heavily financed by Buhari government in the name of building settlement homes for nomadic herders.  This the state of the nation.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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