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Wednesday 18 December 2019

Biafra: The Undertones of War on Biafrans

December 18, 2019

By Victoria. O. C Agangan | Biafra Writers

The plot to utterly break down Biafran defenses, businesses and willpower is fully in motion and we seem lost in this cyst. Viewing closing the methodology being applied cunningly behooves me. The border closure was obviously done to paralyze Biafran businessmen and women. To compound their woes, they are also being persecuted at their bases by their hosts.

One by one, they are selectively picking on wealthy successful Biafrans, with the intention to besmear them and cripple their businesses. That way they won’t be able to rescue their kinsmen when the Jihad war being planned by the caliphate is fully visited upon them. The fact that most of the wealthy Biafran businessmen being targeted do not even share the Biafra restoration idea doesn’t matter to them. For simply being a Biafran, these men are preys.

Recently Abia state Police Commissioner issued a threat to Mazi Nnamdi, stating the Command’s intention to arrest him should he return home for his mother's burial. On its wake, a combined team of military and police invaded the home of Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, killing four and injuring several others – Ejiofor’s mother inclusive.  The home of the legal practitioner was razed down and so were many neighbouring houses.

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These acts lack justification because they were unprovoked. If an invite is give, the date and time is documented. If ignored, a warrant will then be issued. What then prompted this barbaric action in a supposed democracy? To save face, the murderous Nigerian agents twisted the narrative, claiming that two policemen were killed.

If Nigeria is truly one as some people like to mouth, why then is Biafra-land omitted in progressive national issues? Why are there no federal infrastructure sited in Biafra as in other regions? Why are Biafrans often harassed by Nigerian security operatives?  Obviously, the Nigerian state is clandestinely waging war against the Biafran.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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