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Saturday 26 October 2019

Nigerian Government Commences Igbo Pauperization Agenda

By Johnson Nnabuife | Biafra Writers
October 26, 2019

The APC government’s “Next Level” agenda is now in full implementation. “Next Level” as pronounced by the Fulani cabal running Nigeria is nothing but a well-articulated and coordinated plan of starvation and pauperizing of the average Igbo-Biafran. Those who didn’t know what it is all about when it was first mentioned now know better.

First, Southern bothers are closed while the northern ones are opened. That is an obvious persecution; an economic emasculation of the people of South … predominantly the Biafran. And as if that is not enough, they flagged off a systematic burning of shops and other property in Biafra land. Just in a space of two days – October 16 and October 18, two oil tankers were used to raze down properties worth hundreds of millions of naira in Onitsha alone, consuming in the process tens of human lives.

Furthering the oppression, in many parts of Biafra like Ebonyi and Enugu Provinces, lands are forcefully taken from the indigenous people and handed over to Fulani. Army and police are stationed in such communities to keep the indigenous people from reclaiming their land.

Yet on the foreign scene, the Nigerian government encourages other countries to be hostile to Biafran residents.

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