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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Wake up Biafrans, You are Being Killed off

August 22, 2019

By Chuks Ken Agboeze | For Biafra Writers

Every day we move around, we travel from here to there, frightened. We are frightened because we may be the next target, the next victim of the marauding Fulani herdsmen.

First, you hear about all these and you feel nonchalant, unperturbed.  You even go ahead to term it “noise, false alarm or unnecessary panic. To you it's all a lie; we are just painting a bad image of the country. You feel that because of our quest for Biafra we now raise false alarm.

Maybe because none of your close relatives or friends is yet affected you dismiss our outcry. You even stoop so low to think it's politically motivated. Well, as the Igbo would say, e buru ozu nwa onye ozo n’ isi o dika o bu ukwu-nku (when the corpse of another man’s child is being carried, it looks like firewood).

We are living in the den with hungry lions no doubt. Nevertheless, the biblical Daniel survived the lions, but those who plotted against him didn’t.  Yes, I may be living in fear; yes, I may be so conscious of not seeing the next day; yes, I may always be on the road which is now a deathtrap; but God willing, I won’t be consumed by the lions.

 Our people are being killed almost on daily basis. If I were you, brother, I will take a pause to ask myself “who’s next?” You might just be visiting village to leave the next day only to meet your end. Untimely and brutal end. And RIP would be said and written of you as you have passively written of others. Your likes would then argue as you have done in your time that the death report, (now your death report) is false alarm and unnecessary panic. Then you will realize, but rather too late, that all we said is true, and you would wish (in vain) that you had acted differently. You should have at least listened to the voice of caution. Neither you nor I deserve to go this way, brother. We do not deserve to die horribly and untimely.

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The Islamic Caliphate agenda is to depopulate Biafra and enslave the remnants. Don’t you still get it, brother? Can’t you read the handwriting on the wall? Everything this current Fulani government does points to that fact. Think of RUGA, think of Fulani Vigilante, think of the shutting down of Enugwu airport, think of the various policies of this Jubril-Buhari led government.

Lastly, even if you don't like that name Biafra, for the sake of your life and that of your children or relatives, wake up to the realities on ground. You are hated in Nigeria. You are the quarry. You are not a Nigerian come to that. No one is. Wake up, Biafrans.

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Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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