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Saturday 3 August 2019

Nigeria, the Ant-infested Firewood

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

August 4, 2019

It is not an expression enlarged beyond the truth when Nigeria is alluded to as ant-infested firewood whose time of ugly visitation is ripe. The provocations are festering and the foundation is already weak. Who would sacrifice in defence of Nigeria when this calamitous visitation comes? This of course should be the concern of her absolutists who make bogus of their prowess.

Nigeria, created by Frederick Lugard, is a mere human experiment and so shouldn’t be called a country. It is a remarkable insult on nature (God) to refer to Nigeria as a country because only nature (God) creates a country. The human race created their own human but in a way of respect to nature that made human beings, named it “robot”. Lugard, however, created an artificial border, and instead of identifying it as a mere geographical expression it is, he called it a country, equating himself to God.

A nation state comes through an organic process. People naturally begin to coalesce from one value to another to form a country. A country is not formed by experimentation; it is never a laboratory process where a scientist merges different genes (factors) to invent a polypeptide chain. Nigeria is a mere British experiment designed for their own gain. Nigeria no doubt was created in a hurry and out of British necessity by Frederick Lugard.

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Now, the ugly visitation is at hand, who will stand in battle for the One Nigeria? Which commoner would sacrifice his life for One Nigeria? Which religion would order the members to fight for what a human created in an attempt to equate self with Lord God Almighty?

The Shiite Muslims in the North have been provoked beyond measure that no kind of reconciliation can be admissible by them. The Middle Belt indigenes, unbearably injured in the four years Islamization course of Buhari led administration, won't fail to avenge their dead ones. The old Eastern Region, couching like a lion in ambush, will jump at the opportunity to avenge their horrors of 1967-1970 and the 1999 Udi massacre in Bayelsa.

The injuries are untold and the grudges unquantifiable. It is now a question of who will fire the first bullet. And from the look of things, providence seems to have provided the man.

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