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Sunday 4 August 2019

Calls For Biafra Independence Heightens As FG Supports Fulani Terrorism Across Biafraland

August 4, 2019

By Kutanya Ezeuchi | Biafra Writers

I'm sure that everyone is able to recall the 30-day ultimatum given by Ango Abdulahi and the North to the Federal Government on the implementation of the fraudulent and vicious ruga initiative in the South.

Do we still have any doubts that they are living up to that threat?

Just few days ago, Rev. Fr. Paul Offu was brutally murdered in Enugwu by the terrorist Fulani herdsmen along Ihe-Agbudu Road in the Awgu Local Government Area of the state and about 1 or 2 days later, my wife informed me that a neighbour at their family house with his wife and a friend were almost wasted on their way from village by the vicious bullets of another section of Fulani terrorist herdsmen around 4-Corner in Enugwu.

The luck they had was that there was a tipper in front.
The marauding terrorists shot the tyres of the tipper in a bid to make it stop and so stop those behind, but the tipper kept on speeding to evade the terrorists and that was what gave this man the courage to continue to fire on even while his car was being riddled with bullets.

A few hours before this, Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the AAC in the just concluded election was invaded by the DSS and abducted because he was organizing a RevolutionNow protest (Though I personally warned them it would happen, that they will unjustly be invaded by the partisan security agencies and it did).

I was unreliably informed that when the Catholic Reverend fathers visited the government house in Enugwu in protest over the brutal murder of their fellow priest, that they were regrettably asked to take the march to Abuja instead of coming to Enugwu Government House.

About a day after Sowore’s abduction by the DSS, Police issued a statement saying that a protest march is an act of terrorism. What a joke! Protest is one of the legitimate means through which the civil society communicates their grievances. Banning protests and referring to it as an act of terror goes to corroborate the position that the regime is a sinister one.

What other doubts do we have that we have been encircled by the army of jihadists?

What other doubts do we have that our politicians can't guarantee our security?

What other doubts do we have that those who plan to subdue us are acting with impunity and fully supported systematically by the Central Government?

What other proof do we need that they have begun acting out their threats after the 30-day ultimatum?

Why are our politicians more consumed by envy and greed and about who exactly champions the course for independence instead of working for and protecting our land and people?

According to Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), it was the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo in connivance with Igbo governors, that unilaterally invited python dance to try and exterminate Kanu and to break IPOB.

The moment Nnamdi Kanu set up BSS (Biafra Security Service) - a vigilante outfit to safeguard our land from the imminent Invasion of these marauders, Ohaneze out of envy, issued a statement condemning Kanu and IPOB but never condemned Maistasin and other local vigilantes and illegal militias in the North.

More appalling is that the leaders of the North never and would never come out to condemn these local militias nor condemn any irresponsible acts by their younger populace.

But Ohaneze in its "infinite wisdom" found it wise to condemn its own people - IPOB, giving the Fulani-controlled marauding and civilian-slaughtering army, the impetus to invade our land through Operation Python Dance with the aim of eliminating our Kanu and destroying IPOB.

Now in the wake of this raging savagery and impunity, all Ohaneze could do is issue a statement telling Igbos to defend themselves.

So there's no effort by Ohaneze and the leadership of the Ohaneze group to defend Igboland nor do they have a concerted plan to protect Igboland, but the leadership of Ohaneze hurriedly invited python dance to kill our Kanu and IPOB and to destroy the effort made by Kanu to protect Igboland, simply because Kanu did what Nwodo could not do.

So our so-called leaders or elders are more compelled by greed, envy, and jealousy than the need to work for our people and protect our land?

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The question now is, what are leaders in the Local Government and town union levels doing, since those in the state and national level have failed us?

Is it not yet time for PGs of town unions, Igwes, and Chairmen of LGs to come together, mobilize and begin to pressure State Governments to work in support of our independence from this unsalvagable, suppressive, jihadist colonial union?

If Ohaneze fails us, should our Local Government and town leaders fail us too? If Ohaneze fails us, should we continue to listen to them until we're all drowned in this mess?

Igbo a maghị a gba ọsọ mmiri but is the rain not yet heavy enough, that we should begin to seek shelter?

Great Igbos! Why are we failing ourselves and letting cowardly, ignorant, greedy, envious, jealous and dishonorable leaders decide our fate?
Why are we waiting on men without an iota of integrity nor courage to drive us to the grimmest of fates and into a very bleak future?

Posterity will not be kind to us if we don't work for their freedom and safety.

Independence is all we require in order to evade this avalanche of catastrophe. There's no alternative and we must pull everything within our reach to support this project. It's late already, but today is the next best time to plant a tree if we could not plant it 50 years ago.

We must ALL support and sustain the push for independence if we must guarantee our safety and that of posterity.

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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