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Wednesday 10 April 2019

The saddest story ever told about ancestral curses

The Biafra Times | April 10, 2019

Black Africa, the most wretched of the planet earth, is the only member of the human race who has been brainwashed to think that his ancestors bequeathed him with a curse that has prevented him from attaining aspired goals and life desires. Almost every misfortune he encounters on earth is the fault of his ancestors who must be bound and cast with the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.

The white people don't have terrible ancestors who have done terrible things, only the Blacks. Over the years, the Black ancestors have been so vilified by Christians; they pay tithes, stay up all night, fast and pray to destroy their ancestors in the name of Jesus. “The Black ancestor is so wicked he cursed his own kids.”

Having cursed his ancestors who contributed in keeping him alive, the Black man is roaming around the world like a tortoise without a shell. He has no backbone, no identity. Thus, no race respects him. He is lynched in Malaysia, incarcerated in Dubai. He is shot like a dog in the streets of America. In Europe he cleans the white man's shit. And they spit on him. Why won't they? A man who hates himself and despises his roots deserves no respect whatsoever by anyone.

John Hawkins was a foremost English slave trader, a thief, and by contemporary moral standards, he can as well be called a Terrorist. Hawkins made three trips to West Africa In the 1560s and stole Africans whom he sold to the Spanish in America. On returning to England after the first trip, his profit was so handsome that Queen Elizabeth I became interested in directly participating in his next venture; and she provided for that purpose, a ship named (JESUS and BIBLE). Hawkins left with Jesus and Bible to steal some more Africans, and he returned to England with such dividends that Queen Elizabeth made him a Knight. Hawkins chose as his coat of arms, the representation of an African in chains.

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Today, the generations of Hawkins and Queen Elizabeth I are alive and enjoying life from the proceeds of their evil ancestors. They don't demonize their ancestors despite their active involvements in the greatest evil humanity has ever witnessed on earth. Both individuals sanctioned rape, kidnapping, and mass murder, but their children don't bear "ancestral Curses" like Black Africans.

Isn't it time to emancipate yourself from mental slavery oh ye Negro! If ancestral curse exists, who should suffer from it? The ancestor who kidnapped, raped, murdered, pillaged, stole and enslaved his fellow man, or the man whose freedom was taken from him? Surely, the man who threw pregnant Negro women to sharks at the sea because they were too weak, deserves his future generations to suffer and not the man whose society was so pure they had no prisons to punish offenders.

Now these Black Africans who will go to church today binding and casting "ancestral curses", know that almost all the top British politicians from the 17th century till the 19th century were proud slave merchants? It is on record that 15 Lord Mayors of London, 25 Sheriffs and 38 Aldermen of the City of London were shareholders in the Royal Africa Company (RAC) between 1660-1690. The RAC alone was responsible for trafficking over 1.5million Negroes to Britain and twice that number to the Caribbean.

David and Alexander Barclays were active participants in the kidnapping and enslavement of millions of Black Africans. As was standard practice at the time, the risky and long-term nature of transatlantic slave trading required new banking houses that could offer credits to prospective slave traders, for periods of between one and a half to three years. One bank that provided this service was run by Alexander and David Barclay. Their bank still carries their name. The Barclay's Bank is also a proud sponsor of the English Premier league that I and you are fanatical fans of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United today.

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Their children don't bind and cast their ancestral evil, rather it is the Negro who has been brainwashed, whose ancestors were dehumanized and tortured and enslaved, that keeps praying against his ancestry.

Today, Liverpool Football Club will be playing Tottenham Hotspur in the Barclay's Premier League. Pay attention. How many of you who are Liverpool supporters today know that the initial founders of that football club were retired slave traders, whom in 1892, with slavery outlawed, decided to invest their money in a football club that will reap future rewards for their generations to come via a bank called Arthur Heywood and Sons & Co... That bank would be absorbed in turn by the Bank of Liverpool, Martin’s Bank and Barclay’s Bank.

But a pastor somewhere will tell you the reason you are poor is because your ancestors committed evil, hence the reason you experienced ill luck. And you will believe and begin to cast and bind your ancestors, I pity for you!

The children and grandchildren, including the great-grandchildren of the perpetrators of this monstrosity against the Black man, enjoy heaven here on earth and live in a more stable environment. They have managed to stabilize their society, solve their problems and live in relative peace.

But the Negro ancestors, the wretched of the earth, who was kidnapped and his freedom forcefully taken away from him; he was sentenced to a plantation for the rest of his life. It is this ancestor and many others who is demonised by Christians as having bequeathed their offsprings with "curses".

My fellow Biafrans, if we don't rise up to seek for the real truth, we shall still remain like this for many years to come. Please open your eyes, before it is too late for you.

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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