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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Dokubo and his Ojukwu story

April 24, 2019

David Umahi | For Biafra Writers

Each time Asari Dokubo, the Niger Delta riverine criminal, wants to give himself out as someone important in the Biafra struggle; he always rehashes the story of how he brought General Odumegwu Ojukwu to Rivers State.

The late General was Biafran’s foremost war leader: intellectual par excellence, an urbane and articulate leader. Ojukwu was the first African graduate from the prestigious Oxford University and the delight of journalists. He held a Master’s Degree from the institution. He was the son of Africa’s foremost multi-millionaire – Louis Ojukwu – and the first indigenous graduate officer of the Nigerian Army.

But who is Asari Dokubo? He is what they call a militant, in other words, an armed criminal. He dropped out from school and went into illegal crude oil bunkering; illegal fuel refinery; pipeline vandalization; and later – the kidnapping of expatriates. He has once been arrested by Nigerian government from where he struck some bargain that has come to manifest in several ways.

Asari Dokubo is an Islam mole in Biafraland. He was trained Islamists and installed in Biafraland to commence the work of Islamisation of Biafraland. He was supposed to convert and train some locales, and then begin to perpetrate the kind of atrocities that Boko Haram has been perpetrating in the North-eastern part of the country. But Biafrans abhor Islam, and so it had not been easy for him to recruit enough criminals of his kind to commence the Boko Haram-type terrorism in Biafraland.
Now, each time this Dokubo (a school dropout) rehashes his Ojukwu story, he always thought he is making quite an impression with Biafrans, especially those of Igbo extraction. Little does he know that he cuts no ice with them.

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He does not know that Biafrans have seen through him, his assignment and his tricks. Biafrans already know that whatever thing Dokubo did was to advance his own assignments. For instance, Biafrans know that his association with Ojukwu was to alarm the Nigerian authorities that have ever been fearful of Biafran nationalities working together. His knew it would make them reach out to him, he achieved it.

When Henry Okah was leading the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), he saw another opportunity and drew close to him. Eventually, threw his betrayal, Okah was jailed in South Africa through manipulation of the Fulani oligarchy. Before this time, Dokubo has also done so with Ateke Tom, before he (Tom) chose to collect amnesty to escape the traps set for him by Dokubo and the Nigerian government.

Words getting to us together today shows that the raiding of Tom’s abode by the Nigerian Army, during the last scam called Nigerian 2019 elections, was Dokubo’s handwork.
As things stand now, every Biafran worth his name knows that Dokubo coming close to IPOB was just a trick to get the Nigerian government to seek him out for another round of Bribery. And now that has happened, and he is trying to help them foist a murder charge on IPOB on the pages of Nigerian newspapers and in the social media. But his plans are dead on arrival because Biafrans know his tricks; and in addition, the world knows that IPOB is the largest non-violent freedom-fighting groups in the world.

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