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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Jubril: Why Revolution Cannot Take Place In Nigeria

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | For Biafra Writers

November 20, 2018

In any civilized enclave, what makes revolution achievable is the nature of the citizens inhabiting it. When we talk about revolution, we talk about the competency of the citizens where revolution has taken place. When we compare and contrast the psychological ability of those citizens and that of Nigerian citizens, you would discover that it is an insult to those citizens that made revolution possible to categorize Nigerian citizens as humans like them.

When a country is chock-full with downhearted citizens who look unconcerned when their fellow citizen is being mistreated, revolution can never take place. They fear death more than God – such a people cannot make revolution possible. They usually hide their cowardly nature under Biblical teachings – “leave judgment for God” and “God will judge them.” I am talking about a people who consider running away from fighting evil as a way of running away from harm. How can such citizens revolt against evil? It is not possible.

A set of people who cannot read their shortcomings and resolve to take action is not worthy to achieve a revolution. Of what use is a people who understand that they have been foolish and fooled, upon knowing that they prefer to be foolish and fooled than to be wise? They are hopeless and an affront to humanity.

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Just like the poorest continent (Africa) engages in killing her Messiahs, Nigeria has never failed to tow the same path. These citizens with unique stupidity understands the truth when spoken but are reluctant or will I say impotent to act accordingly as expected. They delight in listening to the truth but not ready to defend the truth at all costs. The only person they consider as powerful is the one holding a rifle, ready to snuff life out of them. Once you approach them with only reasoning, they consider you a jobless insignificant figure whiling away in the street.

To these citizens, what befits them as their leaders are fraudulent leaders or better referred to as “Yahoo leaders,” those who have mastered fraud. Those leaders who can loot anyhow, forge all kinds of certificates to perpetuate themselves in power and clone anyone (e.g. Jubril) to look like their president. Of course, they know that they are blessed with imbecilic citizens who cannot ask pertinent questions or even rise up to set themselves free but instead they keep on asking themselves who will go first to confront the evil. Welcome to Nigeria – the land of all evil, where evildoers live longer and the innocent are demonized and persecuted.

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Nigerian citizens consider as foolish the boldness exercised by the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in demand for their freedom. They refer to IPOB members as mad people for standing before Nigerian soldiers, demanding their freedom. Of course, only brave people can do what IPOB did and without brave citizens, revolution cannot come. So, let IPOB leadership and its members concentrate on salvaging Biafra and leave the cowardly citizens of Nigeria as nothing good can come out of them.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
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1 comment

  1. Great revolution would take place in Nigeria during immigration recruitments in 2014 when many corp members were strangled to death in curse of getting recruited, but just like presidency always say that Nigeria youth are lazy mentally,they can't rightfully ask question on issues concerns them,just like jubril is being smuggled in to act like late Muhammad Buhari....thank God I'm IPOB and Biafran that can't be deceive or stop from saying the truth.


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